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jul 9th

There really must be a genetic trait in Florida that makes people dumber than Everglades pond scum. A guy in Flagler County is charged with practicing medicine without a license for administering silicone injections to women\'s faces, butts and boobs from a clinic he set up in his bedroom. Dozens of stupid women paid between 400 and 600 dollars for the injections. The weird part is that he wasn\'t even using the kind of silicone that is made for use in the human body. he injected the same stuff they use protect furniture from stains! do you know that the doctor doing your silicone injection might be an imposter?
-If you show up for your appointment and find him laying on the couch, eating Cheetos and watcing Oprah.
-If he hands you a pamphlet on the stain-fighting benefits of ScotchGard.
-If the clinic waiting room doubles as his garage.
-If the exam room bed doesn\'t have stirrups, but it does have a Teddy Bear and stained Batman sheets on it.
-If the machine he uses to sterilize the medical equipment looks a lot like a Kenmore dishwasher.
-If the silicone clinic has posters of Pam Anderson, Dolly Parton and Morganna the Kissing Bandit on the walls right next to the doctor\'s lava lamp and clock radio.
-And if the doctor asks what kind of butt you want him to inject the silicone into. Leather, microfiber or Naugahyde...then the doctor doing your silicone injection is definitely an imposter.