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jun 18th
The President outraged the folks at PETA this week when he killed a fly during a televison interview.


Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy...would not have swatted the fly but instead would have drowned it by putting it in the passenger seat of his car and driving off a bridge.

Former President George W. Bush...would have found out what country the fly was from, then invaded it’s neighbor.

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich...would not have harmed the a professional courtesy to a fellow parasite.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin...would have shot the fly from a helicopter.

Senator Larry Craig...would have handled it the way he handles all unzipping it.

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson...would just waited for the fly to land on his own skin where it would have it would have inevitably lapped up some of his perspiration...and then succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver.

Senator John Kerry...would have just shooed the fly away with his tail.

Green Bay Alderman Guy the President, would have swatted the fly. Preferably before in laid eggs on the meat in his pants.

The Wisconsin Legislature...would have killed the fly the way it kills everything. By taxing it to death.

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh...would have declared the presence of the fly to be a sign of a nation in a state of moral decay that is rotting from within because of weak liberal leadership before stocking up on illegally obtained painkillers and Viagra and heading off to a country with a reputation for underage sex tourism.

Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna...wouldn’t have done anything to the fly. Somebody who\'s that full of crap must be surrounded by so many of them that he doesn’t even notice anymore.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney...would have captured the fly and detained it at off shore detainment facility where it would have been periodically water-boarded in an effort to learn if it has any knowledge of what other flies might be planning.