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mar 20th
The Wisconsin Department of Tourism has paid a company $50,000 to come up with a new slogan to promote travel to Wisconsin. For the 50 large, the company came up with "Live life like you mean it!". Great! Except it\'s the same slogan that Bacardi has been using to sell rum for the last umpteen years!

Last year, when the Department of Tourism folks first mentioned they were hiring a firm to create a new slogan, we put it in the hands of Rick and Len Show listeners. Here\'s some of our listener\'s suggestions. Let us know which one/ones you like better than "Live life like you mean it!"

Wisconsin: Illinois charm with Canadian sophistication.

Wisconsin: Our fat chicks are less inhibited.

Wisconsin: Lactose intolerant, anorexic non-drinkers, not!

Wisconsin: We’re not alcoholics, we’re professionals.

Wisconsin: Beer, it’s what’s for dinner.

Wisconsin: Best old fashions, bar none.

Wisconsin: Just as many bars as churches.

Wisconsin: Our drunks prove Darwin’s Theory!

Wisconsin - Because your beer sucks.

Wisconsin: Hey Illinois, we only hate you half as much as Michigan does.

Wisconsin: Turn signals and dental hygiene optional.

Wisconsin: I\'m not gay, but I would sleep with Brett Favre.

Wisconsin. It\'s so cold, I can taste my testicles.

Wisconsin: We gave you Tony Sha..Shul.. that dude from Monk.

Wisconsin: A lot like Minnesota, but better because you can buy beer on Sunday.

Wisconsin: Hot dish without the accent!

Wisconsin: Where your wife and girlfriend know how to use jumper cables.

Wisconsin: Its Amsterdam for alcoholics.

Wisconsin: We make the cheese with our back fat.

Wisconsin: If you absolutely have to live around white people.

Wisconsin! Necrophilia still ain\'t illegal!

Wisconsin: Bet you can\'t eat just one.

Wisconsin: Have another one, you pussy!

What happens in Wisconsin, stays in Wisconsin. Because no one wants to hear about your trip to Wisconsin.