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mar 4th
Hola from Mexico.

We ALWAYS have a great time on these flyaway trips but this year is by far the biggest blast I\'ve ever had on one. The weather is beautiful. The Riviera Maya location is fantastic with so many awesome and varied things to do. And the resort, the Iberostar Tucan is as close as I\'ve ever come to paradise on earth.

But here\'s the deal. It would all be for naught, if the listeners who came on the trip were a bunch of dull, stick-in-the-muds. (That\'s what I\'m here for!)

Each year we\'ve done one of these trips, we\'ve been blessed with listeners who were warm, friendly, fun and funny! And I gotta tell you, this year\'s group of over 100 is the warmest, friendliest, most fun and funniest ever! During the first three days of this trip I have laughed harder that any other 72 hour period in my life. Not more than a few minutes go by around these people without hearing or seeing something that is funny enough to curl your hair (even the hairs that are already curly!) I\'m even 99% sure they would be just as funny if I weren\'t drinking. Hell, I think they might even be funny if they weren\'t drinking. (But when would I ever find out?)

-- Rick--