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jan 14th
The Ashwaubenon woman who tried to pass herself off as her daughter so she could enroll at Ashwaubenon High School was in court this week.

Authorities should have caught on when she used these cheers.

Beat our opponents
They\'re no friends.
Under my skirt
I’m wearing Depends.

Our team\'s great!
Your team sucks!
It\'s hard to cheer
With acid reflux!

Boom boom boom
Bam bam bam
We\'ll flatten you like
my boob getting a mammogram.

Strike like a cobra
Fly like a swan.
I\'ll miss this game
Because Matlock\'s on.

We\'ve got spirit
Yes we do.
I\'ve got to take
Stool softener to poo.

Our team\'s hot
As fire and ash.
Or maybe I\'m having
Another hot flash.