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jan 9th
This past week on the Rick and Len Show we started a new contest. If you missed it, here\'s how it works. We take the lyrics from a famous rock song and use an internet translation site such as to translate them to a foreign language. Then, we use the same site to translate the lyrics back to English. Somewhere along the way, something gets "Lost in the Translation" and ends up as what we call "Rockeltygook".

For instance, here are some of the original lyrics to Highway to Hell:

Living easy, living free.
Season ticket on a one-way ride.
Asking nothing, leave me be.
Taking everything in my stride.
Do not need reason, do not need rhyme.
Nothing I would rather do.
Going down, party time.
My friends are going be there too.
I\'m on the highway to hell.

And here\'s the same lyrics after being translated into Spanish and back into English:

Easy alive, life releases.
Bond of season in a unidirectional stroll.
Not requesting anything, déjeme is.
To take everything in my great step.
It does not need the reason, do not need rhyme.
Nothing that would do something.
Going down, time of the party.
My friendly go are there also.
I\' m in the highway to hell.

And after being translated to Greek and back:

Existence easy, existence free.
Ticket of duration in a one way road tour.
Not asking nothing, you leave me they are.
Reception of all in my stride.
Do not need the reason, it does not need the reason.
nothing that I would make rather.
Going under, time of contracting parts.
My friends go are there also.
I\' m in the national road in the hell.

On Monday\'s we\'ll translate some more lyrics and see if you can guess what song they come from. Don\'t miss it!