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aug 11th

We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week...
Everyone who called the Appleton City Clerk's office Tuesday, and who I'm sure called city and county clerks all throughout Wisconsin, to complain that they were not allowed to cast a ballot in the six state senate recall elections being held that day.
Clerks had to explain to many angry, confused and stupid constituents that they weren't allowed to vote in the recall election because they don't live in a senate district in which there was a recall election!

So...for not being able to RECALL who their state senator even is...although, truth be told, with this bunch of louts in Madison, who really wants to be reminded of it?

For apparently trying to get a jump start on voter befuddlement over legislative districts ahead of the implementation of the new Republican redistricting plan...when all of Wisconsin will be the state of confusion...

And for trying to exercise their democratic right to vote, which is to be commended, but becoming exhibit A in the case for making people pass an intelligence test before they can cast a ballot...which means I'll never get to vote again...

We are proud to name everyone who called their city or county clerk to bitch about being denied a chance to vote in the recall elections, even though they don't live in a senate district where they were even having an election, as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week.