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sep 6th

June 27th City of Green Bay
A 19-year-old man on Reber Street is accused of hitting a woman in the back of the head with a frozen bag of Gorton's fish sticks.

August 30th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Four officers responded to an anonymous report of a man hooting like an owl.

August 22nd City of Franklin
A 37-year-old man was cited for open intoxicants after it was reported that he was chasing people out of Andy’s Bar and then… chasing them back in.

August 8th City of Appleton
Police were called to an Easter Lily Drive residence where it appeared someone had written on the reporting party’s garage door with feces.

August 19th City of Menasha
A store notified police of a shoplifter who rolled a cart out the front door with several cases of beer and a large pack of toilet paper.

August 25th City of Manitowoc
Police were called to an altercation at the home of a couple who allegedly returned from the Manitowoc County Fair intoxicated. The argument began after the wife got a call stating that her husband was passed out in a neighbor's yard. She went to get him and they began to argue. When police arrived, the man was found hiding in a neighbor's yard. He then injured himself by running into a fence while trying to flee police.

August 21st City of Waukesha
Police were called to Walgreen’s where a female customer’s “breasts kept falling out of her shirt”.

August 20th City of Waukesha
Officers responded to a call from the Firestone Complete Auto Care Store where a customer was reportedly " acting oddly, pacing around the waiting room of the store and punching himself in the head with his fist".