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feb 1st
The most literal Weenie of the Week ever!
We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show "Weenie of the Week"...
The unnamed individual responsible for a giant eight-foot snow sculpture of a penis and it's attendant testes which are standing at attention in a front yard in Lodi, Wisconsin. Police have twice advised the homeowner to take it down but as of the last time we checked it was still up. Very, very...up. The homeowner calls it "Peter." 
One neighbor says he doesn't think that ordering the sculpture's removal would violate the homeowner's first amendment rights to free speech...unless instead of "Peter,"  he called it "Art."

So, for putting up an eight-foot tall ice-hard you-know-what for everyone to see...when some of us are already more than a little self-conscious about length and girth issues...

For refusing police requests to bring the lurid display to a conclusion, perhaps because they think it would be really weird to lay hands on it now...

And for leaving a 96-inch fully engorged man thing up in his yard for at least three days, when everyone knows you're supposed to call a doctor if it lasts more than four hours...

We are proud to name the Lodi resident who has an eight-foot weenie made of snow in his front yard...or maybe the man junk scultpure this week's Rick and Len Show "Weenie of the Week."