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aug 9th
The Festival Foods Len Nelson Sturgis Adventure Day 2
Joined Rick and Ross for an underwear-clad appearance on the radio followed by a marginal free flophouse breakfast which included a European lady, German maybe, who was just dominating the toaster area. Have to when surrounded by folks who, while as good and kind as anyone, are all wearing black shirts splashed with colorful words and pictures and all expressing the same thing. But everyone here IS sharing the same thing. Sturgis.

The communal and almost opiate nature of maybe 400,000 people connected by love of motorcycling and the instruments by which it is practiced must be a powerful glue because I interacted with nothing but friendly, engaging and pretty damned interesting people.

That so relatively few arrests and crimes (other`than those sort of things which might be criminal in most other instances but aren't when here) is a testament to hope that humans can coexist even when thrust together in the sometimes trying circumstance that crowds of this size present. Sort of like hippies, really. Only with bikes, not vans. But the twain do mix at Bike Week...and pretty well.
Okay, enough philosophical waxing for cripe's sake.

Had`a spectacular ride to Deadwood in the morning cool of slightly higher elevation. Short sleeves were enough. A chicken fried steak lunch (GRAVY!) served by an instantly joyous waitress with brown eyes as big around as the cholesterol number I was attaining instantly.

Out of Deadwood at a leisurely pace to Sturgis and the Full Throttle Saloon. Instant familiarity after three full days there last year. I told the office security woman who I was without saying, "Don't you know who I am?" and she radioed Jesse from Jackyl. In about two seconds she said go through the backstage gate. I did and got a warm welcome from Jesse. He said go ahead and set up in the Puh Pow Saloon. Yeah. Puh Pow!

Told tales with John and Elwood (I'll join them again Friday from 3 to 5). Saw incredible things which defy explanation.  Pictures sometimes say more than words and these certainly leave me without many words which would help.

So I guess I look nervous in pictures with pretty and outgoing girls.I get it. But don't mind the dork...enjoy the pretty girls. And the weird ones.