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apr 14th

April 2nd City of Elm Grove
A Walgreens employee called police and reported that a customer who told him she had just arrived by satellite was waving a screwdriver around in what appeared to be a threatening manner. When an officer arrived, the woman told him he looked nice but that she was not threatening anyone with her screwdriver. The woman then told the officer she would now be leaving on her satellite.

April 7th City of Oshkosh
Police responded to a report of a shot accidentally fired during struggle in an apartment over an AK-47 assault rifle. Three men were charged in connection with the incident. One of the men told police that he had done a “decent amount of cocaine” that night because he was “into cocaine and white women.”

March 31st City of Waukesha
Police were called to a home where a woman reported that her microwave exploded on her. Police found the explosion just a popping sound made by the potatoes in her beef stew.

April 6th city of Shawano
A South Union Street woman called police to report that after she told her downstairs neighbor she should change her cats' litter box more often, the woman sent her a nasty text message.

March 17th City of Delafield
Employees at the PDQ food store called police to report a 29-year-old man who was acting unusual in the store. When police arrived, the man was sitting in his car dancing to music. His vehicle was stopped, and he passed a field sobriety test. There was no evidence of controlled substance use, and he was warned for a signal violation.

April 7th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A judge sentenced a 31-year-old Marshfield man to five days in jail after the man drove drunk…to his alcohol assessment class.

April 5th City of Marshfield
A 25-year-old Lac du Flambeau woman was caught in the act of taking a bag of pistachio nuts. An employee of the store confronted the woman and the nuts were recovered.

March 22nd Town of Jackson
Police responded to a report of a domestic squabble at an apartment building. When they arrived, they were told that the fight began when the man came home intoxicated and asked the woman to marry him and she became angry because she needed to get up for work in three hours.

April 6th City of Waupun
Police were called to Walgreens where a customer was trying to return a gallon of milk but had no receipt. When he was denied, the man got mad, threw the gallon of milk down and left the store in a huff.

March 25th City of Chilton
Police responded to a report of a suspicious situation on East Walnut Street where "pajama bottoms and girly pictures" were found above a ceiling tile in the bathroom of a school.

March 30th City of Menasha
A man on Racine Street reported that someone tried to steal his business sign. He confronted the would-be thief who said he was stealing it for a bet and put the sign down.

April 7th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A driver called police to report seeing a hitchhiker who was making obscene gestures at passing cars.

April 6th City of Marshfield
Police were called to break up an altercation at the movie theater. A 40-year-old man was at a movie with his son during which he told the responding officer that someone seated behind him kept bumping into the back of his seat, about five times. He said that he told them to stop but it continued. The man admitted to throwing some popcorn at the woman behind him after, or at about the same time, he allegedly was punched or backhanded with an open hand against the left side of his mouth by the 67-year-old woman. The man confronted the man seated with the 67-year-old woman and grabbed the man’s shirt collar pulling him towards the front of the theater.

March 31st City of Franklin
A resident called police to report someone had vomited in their gas tank.

April 8 City of Beaver Dam
A man called police to report that the neighbor woman was up on the roof of her house swearing down at him and his kids.

March 9th Town of Jackson
An employee of the Comfort Inn called police to report that guests had refused to stop smoking in a room and needed to be removed. She also told police that when employees knocked on the door to tell the people they had to leave, a woman replied, “I want to get high first”.

April 3rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported someone selling meat came to her father's home, entered the house, sat on the floor, used the bathroom and asked for a drink of water.

April 5th City of Greenfield
A resident called 911 to report that he thinks his neighbors are "hiding something" because they refused to allow him to take some branches they had on their property. He was cited for misuse of 911.

April 4th City of Stevens Point
Police arrested a shoplifter after he was caught in the act of attempting to steal underwear, chewing gum, jumbo steaks, energy drinks and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

April 8th Town of Beaver Dam
A resident contacted police to report that a man came to his house last night and took all his clothes because he owed the man $80. The man told him he had until tomorrow to pay up or else.

March 31st Town of Menasha
An officer was requested to assist in the retrieval of a sewing machine that had been loaned to a person on Happy Valley Drive who was now refusing to return it. The officer spoke with the borrower, who initially was hesitant to identify herself, and ultimately refused to return the sewing machine or divulge its current location.

April 2nd City of Portage
Police were called to Wal-Mart where three women were yelling and swearing so loud in the pharmacy section that could be heard in the lawn and garden department.

April 7th Wood County
A driver called police to report that every morning the same man at the same intersection makes the same obscene gesture at him.