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aug 4th

Five years ago he joined the Vikings.
I’m sure you remember all the fuss.
A decision motivated by spite
That made us declare “He’s dead to us”.

Amid all the controversy,
His indecision and his texts.
We at the Rick and Len Show staged a funeral
For Packer fans to pay their last dis-respects.

Hundreds of you turned out
At an Ashwaubenon bar
To hear the eulogies and dirges
At our Funeral 4 Favre.

Now it’s time to end the bitterness.
It’s time to end the strife.
Mark Murphy has determined.
It’s time to bring Brett back to life.

No one’s ever come back from the dead before
(With one notable exception)
So, how exactly do we bring Brett back?
We’ve never staged a resurrection.

Do we need a voodoo practitioner.
Reciting some kind of incantation.
To bring Brett back from the dead
And to Green and Gold salvation?

Or do we need a crazy doctor
Who specializes in reanimating the supine.
With lightning and electricity
Like some mad Dr. Favre-enstein.

I don't have the answers
But I think Mark Murphy's right.
It's time to bring back Brett.
And give him his own day or night.

And the late Brett Favre says he's ready
He no longer has an axe to grind.
He says he’s coming back in 2015.
Which gives him plenty of time to change his mind.

Photo by the New York Daily News