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jan 9th

It’s a tale of two cities
One good and one bad
About pride and tradition
The Cowboys don’t have

The good guys are the Packers
They always will prevail.
While the Packers go the distance
The cowboys go to jail

Getting busted by the law
causing big legal flaps
Least their BAIL don't  count
Against the salary caps

Packers beat opponents
Aaron Rodgers throws a bomb.
Tony Romo throws a fit
Dez Bryant beats his mom

Running back Joseph Randall
stealing cologne and underwear
Who has cash for skivvies
When you're a poor Dallas millionaire?

I don't GET taking undies
But he took cologne I think
Cuz he just wanted to smell good for once
But the Cowboys always stink

they're kinda short on defense
At Least that's what I read
Woulda had one more practice player
But Josh Brent killed him dead.

Yet the Cowboys brought Brent back
After crashing his Mercedes Benz
Sure Brent was drivin' drunk
But what's a little vehicular manslaughter between friends?

And there's CJ Spillman
But is it really all his fault
That the special-team player's special talent
Seems to be for sex assault?

He has not been charged with any crime yet
just questioned and released.
But he's fast getting the reputation
As the Bill Cosby of NFCeeees East

And all that bad behavior
Starts right up at the top
Jerry Jones contributes to the fact
A Dallas highlight reel looks like an episode of Cops.

Now the team that's perfect on the road
Meets the team that hasn't lost at home.
Playing at Green Bay's Lambeau Field
Not at Jerry's garish dome.

So somethings got to give
at least that's what I'm told
We'll see how those indoor babies
Can hold up in the cold.

They might be better than we think
On the frozen tundra and the ice
They might be used to chilly temps
Since most have been in the cooler once or twice.

But good will triumph over bad
As it has since days of old.
And the Pack will emerge victorious
And beat the Cowboys cold.

Dem boys will fly home to Texas
With their New Jersey Governor in tow.
There's always next year, Dallas!
At least for those of you who can get out on parole.