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dec 9th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week… Nathan Meleski of Slinger who reportedly got drunk, lost his cell phone and then couldn't find his friends at Lambeau Field after the game on Sunday. Meleski convinced a Yellow Cab driver to take him 111 miles to Richfield on a promise to pay on arrival. Meleski had the driver drop him at a truck stop in Richfield where he said he was going to withdraw the money from an ATM for the cab fare which was $475. Instead, Meleski slipped out the back of the truck stop and fled.

The taxi driver called police who had no way to of tracking down the culprit. Or rather, they wouldn’t have had a way to track the culprit…if it hadn’t just snowed. With the fresh snow on the ground, police easily followed Meleski’s footprints to a downtown bar where they found and arrested him.


For leaving more tracks than Keith Richards’ favorite needle.

For defrauding a cab driver taking you home from a football gave which should get you relegated to the "taxi squad".

For thinking he was getting away clean when, in fact, he was making himself easier to follow than the plot of an episode of Murder She Wrote.

We are proud to name … Nathan Meleski of Slinger as this week's Rick and Len Show....Weenie of the Week!