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mar 10th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…. 18-year old Josephine Garczynski of Sheboygan Falls who, together with her boyfriend, were charged Wednesday with armed robbery.

Posting under the alias, “Josephine King” (get it? She’s Jo-king) Garczynski reportedly invited a man she met on Facebook to meet in person and "hang out". When she met the man, she had him get into her vehicle before the boyfriend allegedly jumped in the back seat, held a gun to the man's head and took his wallet and cell phone. Sheboygan police traced Garczynski through her Facebook information, which led to her arrest at her father's home and this is here the weenie part comes in.

According to police, as Garczynski was being handcuffed by officers, she asked her father to take pictures… so she could post the photos of her arrest on Facebook!


For attempting to merge social media with anti-social behavior.

For allegedly committing an act that makes me think they should have a separate social media site for people busted for Facebook related crimes and call it Face "book’em".

And for asking her dad to take the pictures of her first felony arrest. As far as proud days in any father’s life go, I’m guessing that that falls somewhere between asking him to photograph his daughter serving her first high school detention and asking him to video his daughter's first gang bang.

We are proud to name 18-yearold Josephine Garczynski of Sheboygan Falls who wanted her dad to take pics of her arrest so she could post them to Facebook as this week's Rick and Len Show...Weenie of the Week!