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may 15th

May 10th City of Appleton
Police responded to a Marquette Street address where a man was reportedly rolling around on the lawn and smacking himself.

May 9th City of Green Bay
A Manitowoc Road resident called police to report that their neighbor came into their home and told them to stop arguing.

May 13th City of DePere
Police responded to Voyager Park after receiving a report of a man yelling at a pole.

May 9th City of New London
A caller told police that she was trying to sell a piece of property and every time a potential buyer comes to see the property, her neighbor comes out and yells at the buyers that they shouldn’t buy the property and tells them that it's on a landfill.

April 25th City of Neenah
A caller on South Commercial Street reported stopping at a gas station and when she went to go in, the door was locked. The open sign indicated the store was open, and she saw a male sitting behind the counter. The male didn't look at her when she attempted to open the door. Police made contact with the employee, who told them he locks the door when he goes to the bathroom and forgot to unlock it when he was done going to the toilet.

May 11th City of Shawano
Police received a report of a woman standing at the end of the road on Estates Lane and shaking her keys at the woods. The caller told police they believe it was the same woman who was shaking her keys at the woods the previous day as well.

May 3rd City of Franklin
A 47-year-old woman was taken into custody for repeatedly banging on her neighbor’s door and ringing the doorbell at about 3:20am. According to police, the woman just wanted her neighbor to give her a cigarette.

May 6th City of Baraboo
Officers responded to a report of a group of children digging what was described as "a very large hole" in volleyball court sand.

May 9th Village of Pewaukee
A man called police to report that he had been using the bathroom at Kwik Trip and he thought a man next to him was using his cell phone camera to take a picture of the caller's penis. The caller gave police the suspect's license plate. When officers contacted the man, he said he hadn't taken any pictures and proved it by allowing officers to examine the photos on his phone.

May 2nd Village of Brown Deer
A 15-year-old girl was cited for disorderly conduct after she “stabbed” another female student with a pencil at the middle school. The girl was reportedly angry because the other girl “kicked a friend’s chair.”

May 10th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported a man standing in the road, pounding on his chest and yelling. The man threw off his shirt and walked down the middle of the street. Confronted police, the man put his shirt back on and told officers he would behave himself. Moments later, the man took his shirt off again and began walking back down the middle of the road. Police arrested the man.

May 4th Village of Germantown
A resident reported that while he was at his dental appointment someone entered his Toyota tundra and absconded with $.75 in change.

March 20th Village of Jackson
A caller reported that a man holding a crowbar was yelling and shouting outside the hardware store. Officers located the 51-year-old man and found that the “crowbar” was actually a guitar stand. The man explained that he needed to buy clamps to repair it, and was yelling and shouting because the hardware store had closed early.

May 14th City of Baraboo
A driver told police he narrowly avoided hitting a pig that jumped out of a truck and almost landed on his vehicle.