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may 30th

May 20th City of Greenfield
A resident reported she was possibly the victim of domestic abuse after an argument with her boyfriend. The resident told police she got into a heated argument with her boyfriend about cream of broccoli soup versus cream of potato soup, and which one is better with rice. The woman was advised on the criteria for what constitutes domestic abuse.

May 15th City of Neenah
A Henry Street caller, who was holding a rummage sale, requested police assistance with a baby squirrel who was scaring away potential shoppers.

May 18th City of Antigo
Police stopped a vehicle going 76 miles an hour in a 55 zone on Highway 47. The driver told police he was in a hurry to get to his girlfriend's residence because she had Snapchatted him that she was going to kill herself. Officers spoke to the girlfriend who said she was not suicidal and the boyfriend was probably just trying to get out of a speeding ticket.

May 24th Dane County
Police were called to an accident scene where a 27-year-old driver ran a red light and collided with a van. Nobody was injured. The man told police he ran the red light because God told him to do so. The man explained to police that he weighed the options of stopping at the red light or breaking the law on God’s instructions and running it. In the end, he said he decided to "go with God".

May 11th City of Menasha
A man on De Pere Street called police after his girlfriend woke him up yelling at him because he was snoring and told him to leave. The man did not deny snoring however had paid for a whole month’s rent and wanted some of his money back before he would leave.

May 15th City of Hales Corners
Police were called to McDonald's where a shirtless, intoxicated man was reportedly laying on the ground and wiggling.

May 12th Waupaca County
A resident called police to request they check on someone's well-being. They were concerned about a man in high heels and a skirt that they had seen stumbling and leaning against a building.

May 25th Brown County
A resident called police after seeing a baby wearing a diaper in the back seat of a vehicle while a man and woman were "engaging in relations" in the front seat of the car.

May 25th City of Oshkosh
Officers responded to a report of a vehicle theft at 3:35am on Nebraska Street. Police arrested the perpetrator, a 12-year-old girl who went joyriding without headlights on.

May 23rd City of Marshfield
A 19-year-old woman called police because her 17-year-old brother became enraged when she inadvertently woke him up and he began throwing things.

May 21st City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police after someone created a fake wanted poster with his picture and name on it and began posting it around town.

May 20th City of Antigo
A resident reported that her fiancé just witnessed a man from a neighboring apartment, naked and performing a sex act on a door.