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jun 2nd

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenies of the Week…whomever is shooting up Menasha. Twice in the last week someone or, more than likely some ones, have done drive-by shootings in Menasha.

In the first case, someone fired seven shots into a home early Tuesday morning, injuring one person. In the second case, someone fired a number of shots at a couple empty vehicles early Thursday morning. Police say the shell casings from the two incidents do NOT appear to match.

And Menasha being the trendsetter it is, the next thing you know, somebody will start shooting up Oshkosh. Wait. What? Are you kidding me? Early this morning someone fired a bullet into a home and vehicle on Sunnyview Road in Oshkosh. Will people JUST STOP SHOOTING THINGS AROUND HERE!


For leaving Menasha riddled with more nasty, gaping holes than have been seen by the staff gynecologist on The View.

For leaving behind more shells than were found when they cleaned all that sand out of Jay Cutler’s va-jayjay.

And for not understanding that if you're going to fire a gun in fire it at Neenah! (JK)

We are proud to name whomever has been shooting up Menasha (and now Oshkosh) with senseless drive-by shootings (this isn't south Chicago for cripes sake!) as this week's Rick and Len Show....WEENIES OF THE WEEK!