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aug 11th

My pals at Tytlers Cycle in DePere have really stepped up to the plate for me this summer. They've been putting me on a wide variety of super cool motorcycles and I've enjoyed all of them...but a couple more than the rest.
First up was a sweet BMW 1200RT, a nice cruising bike with full cargo bags and a really awesome complement of electronics which makes travelling a pleasure. I was able to ride it around town a bit and then up to the Lakewood area for a weekend. Smooth, fast and comfortable like all get-out.

Then we stepped it up to the top of the line BMW K1600GTL.This may be my dream bike and I quickly fell in love with this baby. It has everything the 1200 has, including electronically adjustable suspension so you can have the feel you want with settings for a single rider, with a passenger and with or without a load of gear. You can also set it for a normal ride or adjust to more of a performance setting or even a rain mode which cuts a little acceleration and drops some power to the back wheel, giving you more grip in wet conditions. The power windshield is a cool feature, too, going up and down to suit your needs and moods. If bikes can be a person's jam, this one's mine.It was my home for a four day trip around the twisties of Southeast Wisconsin and up to the northwoods for a four-day solo trek that had me marveling at how fun but easy riding this machine is.

Tytlers also set me up with Motovid, a company which organizes track days at real race tracks. I got to fly around Road America on a Ducati 939SP Hypermotard. That provided more than a few "holy sh**" moments for sure. Bucket list type stuff on a street bike with a racing mentality. This bike has super great handling and enough speed to make me nearly poop myself rolling hard into Turn 5!

I also got to take out a Ducati 1200 Multistrada for a few days. This is a much higher profile that it sits taller in the saddle because it's a multi-purpose machine which is as at home on the highway as it is flying down a rugged fire trail. It's the reliable and durable bike that guys will ride to Alaska, for instance. It would make a great urban commuter bike, too...but with all the piss and vinegar you need for weekend shenanigans in the mud and dirt, but this week things got real. Really real. I have had the distinct pleasure of riding the Ducati XDiavel muscle bike...the one you see in the video. Ridiculous in the best way possible. The 1262 L-twin engine puts out 156 horsepower and 95 pounds of torque. The forward pegs, wicked looking styling and custom exhaust from the bike wizards at Tytlers and you have quite a head-turning combination. When I crack the throttle while showing it to friends they have one of two reactions...abject shock and fear or maniacal laughter at how freaking cool it is. I liken the sound to that of the doors of hell opening wide while Lucifer rolld out for a thunder ride. I am far cooler on this speed demon than I have ever been before.

My Big Summer Bike Adventure continues and I'll be telling you about lots more bikes in coming days. Tytlers is your spot for BMW, Ducati, Victory and Indian. There's a motorcycle for every kind of rider and for every level of experience...and the staff knows these bikes like they know their own mothers, too.

Go find one for yourself!
Tytlers Cycle is just south of De Pere on the north side frontage road (Mid Valley Drive). Or visit