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aug 14th

(not the tipped Hewitt potty)

August 10th Village of Hewitt
Sheriff's deputies responded to a report of vehicles drag racing through a park. The deputies arrested one man on a probation hold and gave another man a citation for tipping over a portable toilet with someone inside.

August 13th City of Green Bay
A caller at Superior Discount Liquors, notified police of a 14-year-old boy driving his grandfather's vehicle because grandpa appears to be too intoxicated to drive it himself.

August 12th City of Green Bay

A caller reported a white female standing at the corner of Quincy and Chicago screaming into her cell phone… And not wearing pants.

August 9th Town of Saratoga
A resident called police to report the theft of 30 plastic flamingos in assorted colors from his lawn.

August 7th City of Green Bay
Police were called to Manor Care Health Services on South Webster Avenue regarding the theft of a resident's prosthetic leg.

August 7th City of Green Bay
A man on East Shore Drive called police to report finding what he described as "a very large turtle" that was now in traffic. The caller told police he is going to stand by to attempt to protect the turtle, but he refuses to touch it.

August 10th Village of Grand Chute
Police units were called to Woodman’s where juveniles were reportedly squirting ketchup inside the store.

July 30th City of Menasha
A Ninth Street resident informed police that his dog found something in the yard and was chewing on it. When he investigated he found the dog was chewing on a Baggie of weed.

August 12th City of Green Bay
A concerned resident called police to report hearing people on McCormick Street speaking Spanish.

August 6th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police responded to a report of a man repeatedly vomiting out of a second-story window.

August 5th City of Waupaca A caller reported two people having intercourse in a parked white car behind the Waupaca Area Public Library.

August 4th Langlade County
Police received a call from a man at an area campground reporting a male subject had been following some females. When confronted, the male subject said he was just looking for his frisbee.

August 11th Town of Eaton
A handicapped goat that had been captured by the Brown County Sheriffs Department after running loose for a couple of days has escaped custody and is again running wild.

August 11th City of De Pere
A resident on Turtle Dove Trail called police to report her walls are vibrating and making a buzzing sound. A responding officer found the source of the problem was a stuck doorbell.

August 5th City of Green Bay
A concerned Madrid Drive resident called police after her husband told her to "lock the doors to keep the devil out of the house".

August 6th City of Menasha
A person on Broad Street called police to report someone yelling and swearing at the ice cream truck man for playing the music too loud.

August 6th City of Menasha
Police were called to the scene of a domestic disturbance on Kaukauna Street where an intoxicated man became unruly when asked why the lawn had not been mowed.