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sep 12th

(Actual stolen hydrant pictured. Please contact DePere
police if you see a hydrant that resembles this one that
is not in the ground)

September 8th City of DePere
Police are searching for someone who stole a fire hydrant from the corner of North Washington and Franklin streets. The hydrant had been damaged the previous evening in a car accident. When city crews went to fix it the following morning, they found it was gone. Police remind citizens that fire hydrants are city property and should not be claimed or removed by anyone other than city employees.

August 28th City of Menasha
Officers were dispatched to an Appleton Street location where a woman claimed she had been threatened with a knife. Upon arrival, contact was made with a man who stated he was eating spaghetti with his dog when he asked the woman to leave the residence. The man was apparently holding a knife at the time and the woman believed he was using it to threaten her. However, the man told police he was just holding the knife together with a fork to cut the meatballs on his spaghetti for his dog. After discussing the matter with both parties, police concluded that the man was, in fact, using the knife to cut his dog's meatballs and did not intend to threaten the woman with it.

September 8th City of Green Bay
A man at the Motel 6 in Shawano Avenue called police to report that he had a verbal disagreement with an intoxicated man who took the caller's vehicle and told him he was "going to Lambeau Field to sleep it off".

September 5 City of Green Bay
Officers responded to a call from Kohl's in Bay Park Square reporting two individuals peeping under dressing room doors.

August 31st City of Waukesha
A real estate agent called police after he received a call from a man who was standing outside a house that's for sale and demanded the agent show him the house "right now" so that he could buy it today and move in immediately.

September 3rd Village of Germantown
Police received a call about possible drug activity in a blue sedan in the back parking lot of McDonald’s. An officer found a blue 2008 Ford Focus and talked with two males in the car. One of the men told the officer that he had been picking off scabs from an infection on his arm, which may have been confused with drug use. The officer confirmed the infected arm and found no drugs in the car.

August 26th City of Menasha
Officers were dispatched to Tyler Court for a verbal disturbance between a man and his live-in girlfriend. Upon arrival, both parties stated that the argument was regarding a female actress from a television show the man watches. Both told police nothing got physical and the whole argument was "silly."

August 24th Village of Brown Deer
Police arrested an intoxicated 46-year-old woman with open felony warrants who was walking around the bathroom at the bowling alley naked from the waist down.

August 26th Village of Shorewood
A woman walked into the police department to report she had received a suspicious letter in the mail. The letter was addressed to her and was postmarked in New Mexico. The woman said there was a Pokémon card inside and that after looking at the Pokémon card, she became lightheaded and fatigued.

September 3rd Village of Pewaukee
Police were called to Wal-Mart where an assistant manager stopped four women walking out with several carts filled with merchandise. When the Wal-Mart assistant manager asked them to prove they had purchased the items, one of the women produced a receipt… From Applebee's.

August 17th City of Menasha
An Oak Park Drive resident told police her ex was threatening to post revenge porn online because she moved out and took the cat.

August 29th Village of Germantown
A resident called police and reported the building he lived in was shaking and he thought there might be a fight going on in an adjoining apartment. When police arrived, they spoke to a male at the residence who informed them it was just his 3-year-old daughter who was a having a tantrum over eating her vegetables.

September 5th Dane County
A 21-year-old woman out walking at 1:35 AM was robbed by two men wearing hoodies and armed with a lawn rake. After taking the woman's money, one of the muggers told her she shouldn't be out walking alone at that hour because it isn't safe.

September 10th City of Green Bay
A Kenwood Street resident called police to complain about music coming from a bar near Lambeau Field just after the game. The complainant was upset that the band was playing loud...and using curse words.

September 6th City of Green Bay
A caller on Jean Street, described as being "highly agitated", told police there are children cutting through their yard. The caller informed the officer that he's complained about this problem before and now it's happening again!