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sep 18th

August 26th Village of Fox Crossing
A business owner called police and reported finding spray painted graffiti on his building. When the surveillance cameras were checked, the caller found that the damage was done by a man in a Batman mask.

September 9th City of Port Washington
Police were called to the scene where a 31-year-old man and a 42-year-old man we're engaged in a lively disagreement over the unwritten rules of fishing. Police ended what they referred to as a "fishing kerfuffle" when the two men agreed to fish in different areas and stay away from each other.

July 14th Village of Jackson
An officer was refueling his squad car at gas station when another car pulled up. The officer and the other man exchanged pleasantries. The man said he’d never met the officer before, so the officer introduced himself and asked the man’s name. The man told you officer his name…which the officer recognized and arrested the man on an open warrant.

September 7th City of West Allis
Police responded to a report of an argument occurring at a residence. When police arrived, they found a man with outstanding warrants “hiding in the closet playing guitar.”

September 13 City of Baraboo
A caller reported to police there were “over 300 inflatable people handcuffed” in her yard.

September 14th City of Green Bay
A caller notified police that there was a naked man outside in his front yard on Brosig Street. The naked man eventually went inside his own home and stood in front of his windows naked. The caller told police this was an ongoing problem.

September 10th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported seeing a man in a van with snot coming out of his nose not responding to people. Police checked on the man, who was fine.

September 15th City of Green Bay
Officers were called to Kwik Trip on Shawano Avenue where a man who was playing the ukulele was refusing to leave.

September 6th City of Hales Corners
An employee at Walgreens reported to police that there was an intoxicated female staggering around the store. Police determined the woman was not intoxicated and was staggering around the pharmacy because she had a broken foot.

September 4th City of Delafield
Police advised a man on his behavior after he reportedly walked out of his hotel room at Holiday Inn naked and entered a neighboring room where cleaning staff was working. Responding officers spoke to the naked man through his door because he refused to answer it.

September 16th City of Green Bay
An angry resident called police to report a group of people had kicked in their screen door. The caller was reportedly so upset they could not remember their own address.

September 12th Sheboygan County
Police received a call from a Wisconsin Avenue location where an old man said he'd been on toilet for 3 hours and is too weak to get up.