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sep 22nd

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…a man who goes by the name Naughty Chimpy who was cited for NOT stealing bananas from a West Milwaukee Wal-Mart this week. Police responded to reports of a man in a diaper and gorilla mask bothering customers and humping their carts inside the Wal-Mart. When asked to leave by management, Naughty Chimpy reportedly grabbed bananas off a display and headed for the exit, eventually running from the store as though he had stolen them.

However, police eventually determined that Naughty Chimpy had paid for the bananas ahead of time and believe his furtive movements and fleeing were designed to fool them into thinking he was stealing the bananas which lead to Naughty Chimpy being cited for obstruction.

However, according to a friend of Naughty Chimpy, he's not bad, rather, "Naughty Chimpy just misunderstood".


For not realizing he should have eaten the bananas and tossed the peels on the ground if he was serious about giving the police the slip.

For putting the folks behind the website "People of" in the position of having to consider changing their name to the "PRIMATES of".

For wearing a diaper...when it would have been a way better story if, like any good "naughty" monkey he'd have been flinging poo at fellow Wal-Mart shoppers.

We are proud to name the gorilla mask and diaper wearing, alleged cart humper and banana theft faker “Naughty Chimpy” as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!