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sep 25th

August 29th Village of Jackson
Police were called to an apartment building regarding tenants who were having a fight. The 53-year-old woman said that her husband became upset because she was going to serve her friends a bottle of wine. Her husband said that his wife had taken HIS bottle of vintage 2014 Cabernet which can ONLY BE PURCHASED at Costco. The husband said that it was HIS bottle and his wife had no right to it, so he took it away from her and locked himself in his bedroom. The wife tried to enter the bedroom and get the wine, but the husband blocked the door to prevent her entry.

September 11th City of Greenfield
A man reported to police that his neighbor has a voodoo doll in her driveway pointed at his house and it has a nail in the chest. Police spoke with the neighbor. She said she has the doll there to watch her neighbor because he videotapes her and reports back to her soon-to-be-ex-husband. She also says it’s therapy for her so she feels the neighbor doesn’t have control over her. She was not willing to take it down.

September 19th Village of Fox Crossing
A man notified police after a stray potbellied pig wandered up to him while he was mowing his parents' lawn. According to police, they've had no reports of anyone missing a potbellied pig in Fox Crossing.

September 19th City of Wisconsin Rapids
An employee at IGA Quality Foods call the police and reported a teenage boy eating whipped topping out of a can.

September 11th City of Antigo
A crossing guard called police and reported a rider on a "gold silver ninja crotch rocket" with no plates was revving his engine loudly behind a bus and had "whipped the bird" at the busload of children next to him. The following day, Police located the culprit. He told officers he had only been "flipping off" his friend that was on the bus next to him and not the entire busload of kids.

August 14th Village of Jackson
Police stopped a vehicle with two men in their 20s who said they were just "Driving around looking for “cool places to explore”. When an officer asked why the odor of marijuana was coming from the vehicle, the driver claimed that it was probably his new air marijuana scented freshener.

September 17th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported a clown walking around and looking suspicious. The clown told an officer he was just trying to make people laugh. 

September 15th City of Antigo
Officers went to a residence in an attempt to arrest a female subject with an open warrant. The woman was not at the residence. However, while searching for her, officers found a male subject with an open warrant...hiding under a big pile of pillows.

September 23rd City of Plymouth
A caller from Wild Shots Pub complained to police that someone from a neighboring apartment building keeps leaving a freezer full of rotten food in front of the bar.

August 23rd Village of Jackson
An intoxicated 71-year-old man called the police station to report that, an hour earlier, his cigarette set off the smoke alarm and it was still sounding. The fire department was dispatched and discovered that what the man was hearing was the characteristic “chirp” indicating the smoke alarm battery was low.