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nov 6th

October 22nd City of Whitefish Bay
Officers responded to a complaint. The caller said a man bought a stereo at her yard sale and he was not satisfied with it. The caller said she returned the man's $2, but he continued to yell at her and called her a liar.

October 30th City of New London
A Kwik Trip employee called police and reported that a drunk man was sleeping on their snack bar.

November 3rd City of Green Bay
An Angeline Court man complained to police that his neighbor used to yell at him but now he just stares at him.

October 25th City of West Allis
A 41-year-old woman was cited at Target after she was seen walking her grandson around the store instructing him to pick out one item he wanted to shoplift. While the grandmother was teaching her grandson the finer points of plundering the shelves of the toy aisle, the boy’s mother was being cited for taking an item off the shelves and trying to “return” it for cash.

October 26th City of Neenah
A Hewitt Street caller told police there have been ongoing issues with a neighbor. According to the caller, someone is ringing her doorbell and running away and she suspects the neighbor.

October 29th City of Oak Creek
An employee at Applebee’s called police after a woman dressed as a “zombie bride” became unruly. A server at the restaurant told police she took a bowl of soup from a woman wearing a “zombie bride wedding dress” and the woman threatened to “beat that bitch’s ass” because of the way she took the bowl. The zombie bride then threw a glass across the room and left.

October 2nd Village of Jackson
A 42-year-old woman called police when her 21-year-old intoxicated son was causing a disturbance and throwing things around. Upon arrival, police found the man outside and asked what was going on. He said that he had been drinking with a cousin and a brother, when a shoving match started and punches were thrown because the suspect wanted some of his brother’s Cheetos.

October 24th City of Greenfield
A man was arrested and booked on a charge of domestic violence and disorderly conduct after his wife reported to police that he had struck her over the head with a hamster cage. Officers were able to determine the legitimacy of the woman’s claim when they found her covered with cedar chips.

October 30th City of Green Bay Police responded to a report of a loose chicken on Elmore Street! Repeat: A loose chicken on Elmore Street!

October 24th City of Neenah
A woman on Meadow Lane reported to police that she received a phone call from someone telling her they were from a local grocery store and that she forgot her eggs and she needed to pick them up immediately. The woman told police she doesn’t shop at that store and when she called to inquire they said they didn't call her.

October 26th Village of Iola
A caller on Helgeson Road reported that two pickup trucks were chained together and having a tug-o-war in the middle of the road.

October 29th City of Glendale
A resident called police to report two males were having sex in front of his mailbox...around 3pm, which was about 11 hours earlier. The resident said he told the men to stop having sex by his mailbox but they just went into his backyard and continued with their sexual encounter.

October 29th City of Menasha
A caller complained to police that his live-in girlfriend was yelling at him and slamming doors...just to antagonize him.

November 2nd Town of Rock
A delivery driver reported a woman punched him in the stomach because he told her his delivery schedule was going to change.

October 24th City of Greenfield
A caller told police they believed there may be a meth lab in a neighboring condo unit because of a strong chemical odor that had been present for five to seven days. An investigation by police determined the odor was from someone refinishing their cabinets.