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dec 18th

(Probation paper loser)

December 16th City of Green Bay
Officers responded to Washington and Doty Streets to break up a reported shoving match between two Santas.

December 11th City of La Crosse
A man reportedly broke into an office and stole a laptop, inadvertently leaving behind some of his own cash and his probation papers in the process. The man then called 911 to ask for police assistance in re-entering the building he just broke into to retrieve his things. When the dispatcher asked the man why he was in the building in the first place, he hung up. The following day, when the office’s occupant came into work he noticed his laptop was missing and found the culprit’s small amount of change and his probation papers. Police used the name on the probation papers to find and arrest the suspect.

November 22nd City of Cedarburg
A 15-year-old boy was referred to juvenile authorities for disorderly conduct after he had reportedly spread feces inside the high school 15 times in the last two months.

December 9th City of West Allis
A 20-year-old man who tried to skip a long line of customers who were waiting to get into a store reportedly snatched the glasses off the face of an employee who would not let him in and threw them onto the ground where they broke.

December 5th City of Brookfield
A man called police and reported a suspicious person hanging around his home. The caller told police he saw the suspicious person on his live feed video surveillance. According to the police report, what the caller had seen was a basketball hoop that had fallen over.

December 15th City of Green Bay
A man on requested Emergency Medical Services for his rapid pulse and heart rate. The man also indicated to the dispatcher that his testicles are getting really big. November 30th City of Neenah Police received a report of a man on Primrose Lane who exposed himself and is now dancing in the street.

December 16th City of Green Bay
A woman called police to report hearing strange noises at a motel on South Military Street. The woman told the dispatcher she “Wants to climb up on the roof to take some imaginary things off of it."