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jan 2nd

December 24th City of Green Bay
A resident called police and reported seeing a man whose ladder fell to the side and is now hanging from roof by his sweater. Responding officers found what they described as a “unique Christmas decoration".

December 22nd City of Madison
Police say they arrested a hairstylist accused of snipping a 22-year-old customer's ear. The victim told officers the hairstylist told him to stop fidgeting and moving his head before nicking his ear. The hairstylist then ran the clipper with the shortest attachment down the middle of the customer's head, "leaving him looking a bit like Larry from the 'Three Stooges.'

December 12th City of Hales Corners
A woman called 911 and reported there was someone outside a window of her residence looking in. The woman later called back after she realized it was her own reflection.

December 30th City of Green Bay
A man came to the lobby of the police station and wanted to turn himself in on a warrant. The man was advised that he did not have a warrant for his arrest. Since there was no warrant for his arrest, the man asked to speak with an officer regarding marijuana he’s been dealing illegally.

December 11th City of Brookfield
Police responded to a call from shoppers concerned about a man wandering through the mall wearing a mask. When police arrived, they located the man who explained he was just wearing the mask to cover up a bad haircut.

December 20th Town of Milladore
A caller reported that a dad puts his children on the hood of his car and drives them home from the bus stop.

December 26th City of Green Bay
A potential customer at a business on North Monroe Street called police to complain that the owner was refusing him service because his credit card was declined.

December 13th Town of Brookfield
Police were called to a store where a man claiming to be Jesus Christ tried to purchase $3,200 in merchandise with declined credit cards. Earlier the man was singing loudly about the "messiah" and was asked to stop. Earlier in the week the same man picked out $6,000 worth of material at a Farm and Fleet and said he would be returning to pay for the merchandise. "Jesus" claimed he needed the material to build a recording studio and open up his own dojo.

December 20th City of Green Bay
A resident called police to report a person passed out on his lawn. The caller told police it might be the same person who lives in his bushes.

December 15th Town of Brookfield
Police were called to deal with a man believed to be masturbating in the men’s room of the public library. When confronted by police, the man admitted his behavior. Police noted the man left a women’s fashion magazine on the floor of the bathroom stall.

December 15th City of Franklin
The general manager of a McDonald’s called police to report that a 16-year-old male employee threatened two other employees, saying he would “beat up” and “stab” them if they screwed up making his cheeseburger.

December 25th City of Green Bay
A "very distraught" person on South Van Buren Street kept calling 911 saying they want to wish their son in Illinois either a happy birthday or a Merry Christmas but were not sure which one.

December 22nd City of Brookfield
A man reported two white males in their late teens were trying to enter his car at Half Price Book Store. The man described one of the suspects as looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

December 27th Village of Nekoosa
A landlord called police and reported that when one of his tenants moved out of his property they stole the toilet leaving the place to flood.

December 15th City of West Allis
Police cited a man who was fighting for the microphone with another patron at a karaoke bar.

December 10th City of Muskego
About midnight police encountered a vehicle being driven slowly with its hazard lights on. The vehicle had run over a Christmas tree on the freeway. The tree was still stuck under the vehicle, and the driver was trying to make it home that way.