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jan 8th

January 1st City of Green Bay
Police responded to a call from a man on Western Avenue who drank essential oils now claimed he was possessed by demons.

January 1st City of Burlington
Police responded to an address where a man wearing only underwear and smoking a cigarette was reportedly throwing items inside of the home after drinking on New Year's Day. An officer asked the man if he wanted to put on shoes before they took him outside to which he responded, “I don't want f’n clothes." The man then removed his underwear and attempted repeatedly to touch the police sergeant with his bare butt.

January 1st Village of Elm Grove
After a brief foot chase, police arrested a juvenile for throwing pies on the ground.

December 30th City of Brookfield
An employee reported an angry customer who was pounding on the doors at The UPS office. The employee believed the customer was upset over the store closing five minutes earlier due to being too busy.

January 1st Town of Brookfield
A 35-year-old man called police from Motel 6 and kept repeating "Something just doesn't seem right. Something just doesn't seem right. Something just doesn't seem right". A preliminary breath test showed the caller had a .434 blood-alcohol content which probably explained why something just didn’t feel right.

December 23rd City of Waukesha
A bicyclist told police he hung his backpack on a railroad crossing gate while waiting for the train to pass. However, once the train was gone the gate went back up stranding his backpack dangling 20 feet in the air. Police suggested the bicyclist wait until the next train passed and the gates lowered again to retrieve his backpack.

January 5th Sheboygan County
Police received a report of a man on foot repeatedly punching himself in the face.

January 1st City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police and reported his wife kept following him around the house and wouldn't leave him alone.