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jun 22nd 2015
Today on Raul's Wild Kingdom, we're teaching poodles how to fly!

I just saw UHF over the weekend, and then I saw this video of a couple taking flight in a small, two-seater plane when they notice a furry little stowaway on the wing. Apparently Raul is extending lessons to felines as well these days.

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jun 19th 2015
Two burglars in Sussex, England were caught... and rescued... by police this week. Turns out they hid in the walk-in freezer of the Chinese restaurant they were robbing. Then they got stuck.

Police found the would-be thieves before they froze to death.

Had the restaurant owners been bigger fans of The Simpsons, they would have known a true business opportunity when they saw it.

Behold... Frostillicus!
Behold Frostillicus!

Check out the full story on these two frozen morons here
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jun 15th 2015
Why? Just... why?? Why would anyone think it would be a good idea to shake a pile of fire ants into their underpants? Enjoy the video out of Thailand. The screaming will haunt your nightmares.

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jun 10th 2015
You wouldn't expect former CNN interviewer Larry King to be a marijuana kind of guy. But when he visited Conan O'Brien this week, he shared some stories about getting second-hand high with Snoop Dogg and the reason Larry hasn't smoked pot since the 80's.

THEN, Conan offered up a pot brownie... which Larry took and shared with Conan and Andy. Check out the whole video here...

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jun 9th 2015
If / When I decide to go 'off the grid' uni-bomber -style, people may ask, "Why...WHY John, did you leave this utopian society of which we've evolved into?"
Let this video stand as 'EXHIBIT W' - for Wal*Mart White Trash Women  - which may also be the title of a country song - sold exclusively at WAL*MART. 
- John Jordan

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jun 8th 2015
91 Year Old Walter Thomas just checked something BIG off his bucket list - crashing a vehicle through a garage door. Hey, We've All Got Goals  - Congrats Walter! 

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