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nov 30th

Add the heavy metal of Black Sabbath to the fast food cravings of Americans everywhere, and you get Mac Sabbath - a bizarre parody/tribute band that you have to see to believe.

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nov 10th
A three-eyed catfish was recently caught in the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY. 

Don't be disgusted by this freak of nature. Here's Monty Burns to tell you why:

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nov 10th
Adult male gorillas beat their chests to show dominance when being challenged by younger gorillas. If a younger gorilla gets cocky, the alpha male will put that kid in his place.

This is a good thing to know if you are a gorilla. Also, if you are a small girl visiting the zoo.
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oct 26th
Lou Brutus is a legendary rock DJ who hosts HardDriveXL every night on Razor 94.7. Bill Murray is Bill F***king Murray - if you don't know him, we should just stop talking right now.

Anyway, Lou and Bill met up one night in a chance encounter, and now Lou has written a song about it: "Me and Bill Murray." If you have your own "Random Act of Bill Murray" story, Lou encourages you to share it with the hashtag #MeAndBillMurray. Check out the video:

From the press release:

Nationally syndicated radio host LOU BRUTUS has released the epic musical story of his chance meeting with one of the planet's most elusive humans. It's entitled "ME AND BILL MURRAY."

The cut is available as of Friday October 23, 2015 from iTunes and the video can be seen on the LOU BRUTUS YouTube channel.This black and white video was done as one continuous shot with Brutus on camera using nothing but hand-lettered and illustrated cards to further the storytelling.

Of the song BRUTUS says, "Meeting Bill Murray is like seeing a UFO. If you tell people about what happened, they'll think you're a crackpot. Bill lets you know to expect that, so it's all good. I just want to tell the story. Whether or not listeners believe it happened to me or not is totally up to them. It just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter."
BRUTUS is encouraging the public to tell their own BILL MURRAY stories on social media using the hash tag #MeAndBillMurray. Lou explains, "By using social media to document Random Acts of Murray, we can bring more of these rare occurrences to light and improve mankind's future."

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oct 9th
Warning: you may shed some tears by watching this video.

Two students at Elon University were at the campus coffee shop when they heard Kathryn Thompson, an elderly employee who had worked at the coffee shop for 10 years, discussing her life long dream of taking her kids and grandkids to Disney World.

The students started a GoFundMe campaign, and within 3 days, raised enough money for their goal. Check out the video to see Kathryn's reaction.

Click here for the complete story from Mashable.

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sep 11th
The last surviving rescue dog who worked Ground Zero after 9/11 just turned 16.  So the website flew her and her handler to New York, put them up in a hotel, threw a big party, donated a thousand bucks to the organization that trained her, and had a stone outside the 9/11 Museum dedicated to them.

Here's video of Bretagne's big day:
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sep 8th
Saturday night during halftime of Kansas State University's game vs. South Dakota, the KSU band wanted to stick it to their rival, the University of Kansas.  So part of their formation created the Kansas Jayhawk mascot being attacked by the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Or at least that was their plan...

Turns out the marching band didn't get enough practice, and the Enterprise formation looked a bit... wrong.

Here's fan reaction...

Someone in the band must think all spaceships look like the one in Austin Powers.
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aug 28th
The girls from Eminence join John & Elwood in studio today to talk about their performance at Rock For Autism this weekend.

Check out Eminence's victory performance from this year's Launchpad competition below.

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jun 22nd
Today on Raul's Wild Kingdom, we're teaching poodles how to fly!

I just saw UHF over the weekend, and then I saw this video of a couple taking flight in a small, two-seater plane when they notice a furry little stowaway on the wing. Apparently Raul is extending lessons to felines as well these days.

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jun 19th
Two burglars in Sussex, England were caught... and rescued... by police this week. Turns out they hid in the walk-in freezer of the Chinese restaurant they were robbing. Then they got stuck.

Police found the would-be thieves before they froze to death.

Had the restaurant owners been bigger fans of The Simpsons, they would have known a true business opportunity when they saw it.

Behold... Frostillicus!
Behold Frostillicus!

Check out the full story on these two frozen morons here
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jun 15th
Why? Just... why?? Why would anyone think it would be a good idea to shake a pile of fire ants into their underpants? Enjoy the video out of Thailand. The screaming will haunt your nightmares.

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jun 10th
You wouldn't expect former CNN interviewer Larry King to be a marijuana kind of guy. But when he visited Conan O'Brien this week, he shared some stories about getting second-hand high with Snoop Dogg and the reason Larry hasn't smoked pot since the 80's.

THEN, Conan offered up a pot brownie... which Larry took and shared with Conan and Andy. Check out the whole video here...

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jun 9th
If / When I decide to go 'off the grid' uni-bomber -style, people may ask, "Why...WHY John, did you leave this utopian society of which we've evolved into?"
Let this video stand as 'EXHIBIT W' - for Wal*Mart White Trash Women  - which may also be the title of a country song - sold exclusively at WAL*MART. 
- John Jordan

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jun 8th
91 Year Old Walter Thomas just checked something BIG off his bucket list - crashing a vehicle through a garage door. Hey, We've All Got Goals  - Congrats Walter! 

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may 27th
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for 2015 happened last month... but the telecast is airing this Saturday on HBO. Check out the preview!

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may 15th
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may 14th
Check out this Japanese TV special featuring David Lee Roth, the Van Halen brothers, producer Ted Templeman, and Guitar World’s Editor-in-Chief Brad Tolinksi talk about the band and the origins of "Jump."

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may 13th
Thrillist has posted a list of the 15 U.S. cities where it's easiest to get laid.

15. Los Angeles, CA
14. Columbus, OH
13. Tampa, FL
12. Pittsburgh, PA
11. Oakland, CA
10. Dallas, TX
9. Minneapolis, MN
8. Houston, TX
7. Boston, MA
6. Philadelphia, PA
5. New York, NY
4. Washington, DC
3. Miami, FL
2. Atlanta, GA
1. Chicago, IL

So, when you're planning your next vacation, why not go to Chicago? Your odds go up... plus you get to continue the long tradition of Packers fans screwing Bears fans!
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may 12th
Why is this man so sad?

You'd be bummed, too, if you had murdered your imaginary friend.

Here's the story:

Geoff Gaylord walked into a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and confessed to his crime: he had repeatedly stabbed his friend "Mr. Happy" with a kitchen knife, cut up Mr. Happy with a hatchet, and buried him in his backyard. Let me remind you again that this occurred in Florida, so perhaps it should come as a surprise to no one.

Gaylord and Mr. Happy were friends for seven years but, according to Gaylord, he killed him for a few reasons:

"He left his empty vodka bottles all over the kitchen... never picked up his empty cocaine baggies...He messed up my apartment to the point where I just couldn't get it clean...Before Hap started doing drugs and acting weird he was my BFF...We'd go dancing, play on the children's park equipment, both huge fans of doom metal – listened to it for hours with the lights turned off."

When Mr. Happy crashed Gaylord's car, and Gaylord got arrested instead, Gaylord had had enough.

"That drunk driving incident I got unfairly blamed for and just how messy he had become put me over the edge and I murdered him."

Gaylord was eventually taken into custody when he threatened police for not giving him the death penalty. Police found drug paraphernalia and a machine gun in Gaylord's house, and was booked on multiple charges.

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may 12th
The "deflate-gate" scandal gets a response from Brady... Carol Brady.

Brady Press Conference

You’ve seen the headlines. Now it’s time to finally hear from the Brady at the center of the controversy…

Posted by The Huffington Post on Saturday, May 9, 2015
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