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may 16th 2016
It's probably never a great idea to bring a python to show and tell, as these middle school students in South Carolina found out last week. Full story here.

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nov 10th 2015
A three-eyed catfish was recently caught in the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY. 

Don't be disgusted by this freak of nature. Here's Monty Burns to tell you why:

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jun 19th 2015
Two burglars in Sussex, England were caught... and rescued... by police this week. Turns out they hid in the walk-in freezer of the Chinese restaurant they were robbing. Then they got stuck.

Police found the would-be thieves before they froze to death.

Had the restaurant owners been bigger fans of The Simpsons, they would have known a true business opportunity when they saw it.

Behold... Frostillicus!
Behold Frostillicus!

Check out the full story on these two frozen morons here
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