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dec 12th 2011
There are many uses for beer. Drinking it. Chugging it. Doing kegstands with it. But one artist has missed the point of beer entirely by deciding to paint with it.

Check out more of Karen Eland's art here to see how she wastes uses beer to make art.

Admittedly, this does look better than what I end up with after a night of consuming beer.
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dec 12th 2011
Liquid Television, the half-hour smorgasbord of odd animation that ran on MTV in the mid-90's is back! At least online. Yes, the show that spawned Beavis & Butthead, Aeon Flux, Speedbump the Roadkill Possum, Plymptoons, Winter Steele, Invisible Hands, and more strange stuff than I'll ever understand.

You can check out classic Liquid Television segments here, or explore the site for additional MTV animation stuff like "The Maxx" and "Celebrity Deathmatch."

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dec 12th 2011
  1. AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill
  2. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
  3. Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe
Theme: A Christmas Story. The film where all Ralphie wants for Christmas is a Red Rider BB Gun, but everyone keeps telling him he'll shoot his eye out. Can't wait for "24 Hours of A Christmas Story" on TBS again this year. Starts Christmas Eve at 6pm.
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dec 1st 2011
Yesterday, I found a Star Wars Gingerbread AT-AT, perfect for the holidays. Today, however I've got a different AT-AT that's good for any day of the year... especially on Fridays for the Liquid Lunch. It's a wooden AT-AT liquor cabinet. Click here for more on this awesome item.
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dec 1st 2011
Never before has oppression by the Galactic Empire tasted so delicious...

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nov 17th 2011
1. Dokken - Breaking the Chains
2. Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me (from "Dawn Patrol")
3. Golden Earring - Twilight Zone

Theme: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1

The latest ridiculously long-titled Twilight movie hits theaters tomorrow. Don't be surprised when your teenage daughter skips school to see it.
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nov 15th 2011
1. Deep Purple - Space Truckin'
2. Scorpions - No One Like You
3. Ozzy Osbourne - Let Me Hear You Scream

Theme: Alien. The film's famous tag line was, "In space no one can hear you scream." One of the film's stars, Yaphet Kotto, turns 74 today.
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nov 10th 2011
Wait, pink doesn't exist? What does that mean for the Dark Side of the Moon? What color should John Mellencamp's houses be? And what's Steven Tyler's favorite crayon going to be now??

Click here for more explanation, and check out the video below.

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nov 10th 2011
  1. Rush - Tom Sawyer (from Moving Pictures)
  2. Motley Crue - Looks That Kill
  3. Great White - Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Theme: Jaws. The film's star, Roy Scheider, was born on this day in 1932.

"We're gonna need a bigger boat."
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nov 10th 2011
It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. It's time to meet the Muppets on the Oscars Show tonight!

There's a Facebook page that's been pushing to get the Muppets to host the Oscars in 2012, and I must say that I can't get enough of the idea.

Imagine it... Kermit is your primary MC for the night with Scooter as producer. Fozzie does some bad stand up to kick off the night. Gonzo does crazy stunts to make the ceremonies more exciting (and to impress his chicken, Camilla). Miss Piggy will expect a Best Actress Oscar ("For moi?"), but Kermit has to break it to her that she's not nominated (I assume some karate-chopping follows). Instead of the stuffy orchestra, you get Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem as the house band for the night.  Sam the Eagle can be there to make sure it's a wholesome, All-American show. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker can present the technical awards. Crazy Harry can present a montage of all the stuff that blew up in movies this year. The Swedish Chef can cater the entire event. And Statler and Waldorf would comment on all of it from the balcony.

Honestly, I could watch that every single year.
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nov 10th 2011

Click here to vote in the Hasbro fans' choice poll to determine which Star Wars character will be the next action figure.

Admittedly, a lot of the characters are from the extended universe or are third-rate side characters that you probably didn't even notice the first time you watched any of the movies. But still, pretty cool that you can vote.

BTW - I voted for Emperor Palpatine in his throne from Return of the Jedi, just so you can use the line, "Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!"
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nov 10th 2011
Want to calm your stomach after a night of binge drinking? Try strawberries! European researchers have proved that the damage to the stomach lining caused by drinking alcohol can be reduced by eating strawberries. Check out the whole article here.
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nov 9th 2011
I can't tell you how many times I've been at a social event and said to myself, "if only I had a giant purse filled with wine!"

Well, now that can be a reality with the (terribly named) Baggy Winecoat. Essentially you buy a box of wine, remove the bag of wine from said box and hide it in this purse that has its own little tapper on it.

Start your Christmas shopping off early and get one for yourself here. Then do the rest of your Christmas shopping with a zinfandel buzz on.
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nov 9th 2011
1. Aerosmith - Train Kept A-Rollin'
2. Journey - Stone in Love
3. Bob Seger - Turn the Page

Theme: Rolling Stone magazine, which published its first issue on this day in 1967. John Lennon graced the first cover.
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nov 2nd 2011
  1. ZZ Top - Legs
  2. Nirvana - Come As You Are
  3. Rush - Red Barchetta
Theme: Trios. All three bands have just three members.
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nov 1st 2011
1. Tesla - What You Give
2. Nazareth - Hair of the Dog
3. AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip

Theme: Movember! The WAPL staff is growing moustaches to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research. Grow your own Mo' or make a donation by clicking here.
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nov 1st 2011
1. AC/DC - The Jack
2. Axe - Rock and Roll Party in the Streets
3. Collective Soul - Shine

Theme: The Shining. Happy Halloween!
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oct 25th 2011
With not one but two new Hobbit movies on the way, it's cool to look back at some of the original visions of author J.R.R. Tolkien as he was creating the iconic novel. Click here to check out a few of Tolkien's drawings, watercolors, and sketches.
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oct 24th 2011
1. Chickenfoot - Big Foot
2. Heart - Kick It Out
3. AC/DC - Big Balls

Theme: Packers offensive lineman TJ Lang getting kicked in the junk by the Vikings' Brian Robison during the game on Sunday.
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oct 14th 2011
1. U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
2. James Gang - Walk Away
3. Van Halen - Drop Dead Legs

Theme: The Walking Dead. The AMC series about the zombie apocalypse makes its season 2 premiere this Sunday night.

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