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jul 16th 2009
So the Rick & Len Small Town Golf Outing is tomorrow at Mid Vallee Golf Course in De Pere. I'm definitely looking forward to raising money for the American Red Cross, and getting a little golf in too (just bought a new golf bag and putter yesterday).

So to get warmed up... how about some Caddyshack clips?
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jul 10th 2009

I've been featured in the Post-Crescent for having H1N1 virus...

Check out the article here:
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jul 6th 2009
Mmmmm... Swine flu... And I got it.

Yep. That's right. I, Elwood, had a confirmed case of the H1N1 virus, more commonly known as "swine flu." And wow did it suck.

I started feeling a little under the weather on my last night in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, last Saturday. At first I thought I had just gotten too much sun. But after a night of fighting off chills, a miserable day of travel back to Wisconsin, and a long night in my own bed fighting what was clearly now a bad fever... I knew I was really sick.

After a doctor's visit Monday and three days of waiting around the house, I got the call from the Appleton Health Department: "You've tested positive for H1N1."

Let me say this: I was a huge Swine Flu skeptic. I'd been saying for weeks that the panic over swine flu was overblown and that I was as scared of swine flu as I was of bird flu and monkey pox... which is to say, not at all.

One week later, let me say this: Swine flu will kick your ass. Massive fever and headache. Zero appetite. Bad cough. Exhaustion like you would not believe. Five days of movement from the bed to the couch... then back to bed. That's it. Miserable.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a diet that'll drop 10 pounds in a week without doing any exercise (or moving at all, really), I'd be happy to come over and cough on you.

Thankfully, I'm no longer contagious, feel a lot better, and am finally getting my appetite back. So I'm back to work, ready to rock.

Be sure to wash your hands.
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jun 22nd 2009
Wade Boggs doesn't want steroid users in the baseball Hall of Fame. Right on, Wade!

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jun 17th 2009
An Oregon man who was reported missing by his wife has turned up...

He and his wife had a fight in which she told him if he didn't like things, he could just leave. So he did.

For a week.


No big deal, except for the fact that he didn't tell anyone (especially his wife) where he was going, and police from three counties got involved in what became a missing persons case.

Check out the full story from The Oregonian here.

No word on whether he caught anything other than hell from his wife.
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jun 6th 2009
I've started a task for myself, in which I will watch every DVD in my collection. Not in some random order. Not even alphabetical or chronological order. Instead, I'll watch them in such an order that each film must be connected to the one that follows it by sharing an actor or director.

For example: If I watch Schindler's List, I could follow it up with Close Encounters of the Third Kind, because both were directed by Stephen Spielberg. I could then follow Close Encounters with What About Bob? since both star Richard Dreyfuss.

If you'd like to follow along on the project, you can go to or click the Six Degrees of DVD Project link on my page at

I hope you enjoy following along as much as I'm enjoying watching the movies and trying like hell to connect them all.
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may 28th 2009
I mentioned on the air today that I really wanted to see the movie Drag Me To Hell when it comes out this weekend, and that I haven't seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Terminator: Salvation or Star Trek yet, even though I really want to. But I did see Angels & Demonsthis week.

Then I got this email from listener Adam in Green Bay:
So, you chose to go to "Angels and Demons" over "Wolverine" or "Star Trek"? I think you lost some man points there. I've seen the two latter movies, and may see the former on disc. Not to sure, I was a huge fan of the book, and normally find it disappointing to watch the movies. Wolverine and Star Trek were awesome. You should really see them.

Thanks Adam. Yeah, I've lost some man points. But any guy who's married has probably had the same conversation that my wife and I had earlier this week:

Me: "Hey, let's see a movie tonight"
Her: "Sure, what's out"
Me: "What about Wolverine?"
Her: "Uh, no."
Me: "Star Trek is really supposed to be awesome."
Her: "I have no desire to see that."
Me: "Terminator Salvation?"
Her: [rolls her eyes]
Me: "How about Dance Flick?"
Her: "What??"
Me: "Just kidding. Angels and Demons?"
Her: "OK."

This is why my Netflix queue has over 200 movies in it. And why I probably won't actually see Drag Me To Hell this weekend. Oh well.
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may 5th 2009
Yesterday was the anniversary of Moe Howard's death. Moe, or as I like to call him, "The Angry Stooge," was the glue that held the other stooges together. Larry's the dumb one. Curly's the crazy one. Moe's the smart one... if that can be said of any of the Stooges. Moe always had the plan... the job... the scheme. Then the other two would get out of line, and Moe would have to smack some sense into them. Of course, then it would escalate until everyone was slapping, bonking, nose-grabbing, ear-twisting, and eye-poking each other to the point that everything fell apart. Simple but brilliant, every time.

Of course, it wasn't always Moe, Larry, and Curly. We can't forget the "Lesser Stooges" including Shemp (actually the older brother of Moe and Curly, and the funniest of the Lesser Stooges), then Joe Besser, then Curly Joe DeRita. Not as brilliant as Curly... but still damn good.
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apr 10th 2009
I'm a bit of a Simpsons fanatic. So I'm very excited that the US Postal Service is coming out with Simpsons stamps on May 7th. You can pre-order them now through the USPS web site...

My only hope is that there are future editions of the stamps with other characters... Moe, Barney, Apu, Burns & Smithers, Ralph Wiggum (his stamp wouldn't be sticky because he eats all the paste), and of course the stamp for Bart's pet elephant Stampy.

Click here for more info on the Simpsons stamps.
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apr 9th 2009

Ahh... Major League Baseball is under way. And my Cubbies are alone in first place (at least for a day). Nice to see the team win the first series of the season. Nice to see Soriano homer in each of the first two games. Not so nice to see Geovany Soto go down with a shoulder injury in the second game of the year. Hopefully it won't be too serious.

Should be a good Cubs / Brewers series at Miller Park this weekend. Go Cubs!
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apr 9th 2009
Happy 83rd birthday to Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner... and an excuse for a few pictures of Hef's past and current hot girlfriends.

The guy is well past retirement age, and still running the magazine. Plus, despite breakups with former "Girls Next Door" Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt...

Hef has quickly rebounded to three new hotties, Crystal Harris, Karissa Shannon, and Kristina Shannon.

And YES, the Shannon girls are TWINS.

God bless ya Hef. Here's to many more years of living the dream.
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apr 7th 2009

One of my questions for Trivia Tuesday during the Noon Lunch Whistle today was about Owsley "Bear" Stanley - sound engineer for the Dead and perhaps the most notorious cook and distributor of LSD in the 1960's.

If you want to read a fantastic book about the history of drug culture in America, including some great info about Owsley, check out "Can't Find My Way Home: America in the Great Stoned Age, 1945-2000" by Martin Torgoff. Torgoff is one of the main faces you've seen on the VH1 documentary series, "The Drug Years," and his book is fantastic.
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mar 30th 2009
As much as I enjoy the Guitar Hero commercial with Heidi Klum dancing around in her underwear, it's nice to see Metallica kick some ass and blow s#!t up.

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mar 30th 2009
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mar 23rd 2009

Chickenfoot - the new supergroup with Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith - just posted two songs on their web site. Check out "Soap on a Rope" and "Down the Drain."

Click here to listen for yourself!
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mar 20th 2009
I'm dying for this Tuesday and the release of Pearl Jam's "Ten" re-issue.

Ten was one of those albums that I listened to over and over and over again, to the point that I was afraid the laser was going to burn right through my CD. That album plus the follow-up, Vs., made me a huge Pearl Jam fan. A band I played drums for in high school even covered "Alive" as part of our set list.

Now, there's the re-issue... something I usually don't get too excited over, especially if I already own the album. But PJ knows how to do it right for the fans: a remastered disc of the original album... plus a remixed version with six tracks that were never released from the original Ten sessions. That's the Legacy Edition that WAPL is giving away this weekend as part of our "Perfect Ten Weekend."

But I'm jonesing for the Deluxe Edition that also includes the DVD of the never-before-released MTV Unplugged episode that I remember watching when it first aired... still one of the best MTV Unplugged performances ever.

And if I somehow come into some extra money, I'll go for the Super Deluxe Edition which has the 2 CDs, the DVD, 4 LPs including a live Seattle performance from 1992, a cassette replica of the original PJ demo, and a replica of Eddie Vedder's old notebook from the era. Of course that one is $125 on right now... so I'll probably just stick with the Deluxe.

Enjoy the Perfect Ten Weekend, and be sure to hit the contest page to enter for your copy of the re-issue.
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mar 18th 2009
I don't get Twitter. (Sorry Ross Maxwell)

If you haven't heard of, it's just another social networking internet tool. If you've ever used FaceBook or MySpace, you're familiar with the concept - it's a one-line status update for yourself. Just a quick sentence or two to let people know what you're doing right now. It's just a tiny part of what Facebook and MySpace have to offer, but on Twitter it's the full package. Nothing but a status update.

"Elwood is on-air on WAPL."
"Elwood is blogging about Twitter."
"Elwood is drinking a Dr. Pepper."

Does anyone care? If they do, I'm worried about what kind of stalker they are and where I can get a restraining order.

And the only times I might actually be doing something interesting enough to Twitter about, I'd be too busy to actually get out my computer or cell phone to post anything.

"Elwood is skydiving."
"Elwood is wrestling a gorilla."
"Elwood is saving the world from the evil forces of the Legion of Doom."

Frankly, if you're doing anything worth telling the world about... the world can wait until you're done with it to find out. Meanwhile, just enjoy whatever you're doing rather than worrying about telling everyone that you're doing it.
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mar 5th 2009

Went ziplining today as part of a group excursion... I'm terrified of heights, but made it through. The trip down each of the 11 zip lines was incredible. It was the climbing up through the trees and actually getting hooked up every time that was a little nerve wracking. Roxanne "Nerves Of" Steele was also along for the trip and loved it too, despite also having a fear of heights.

We capped off the zip lines with a short bike ride to a cenote, or natural fresh water pool, where we swam, dove, and did more zip lining into the water. There are pictures from the cenote in the Day 6 gallery for you to check out, and we've got a DVD of the whole group on zip lines, bikes, and swimming that I'll try to post a little of on the site once we're back in Wisconsin.

Afternoon broadcast went great today... Be sure to check out some photos in the Day 5 gallery of Roxanne acting inappropriate in Playa del Carmen last night. Plus some photos of a restaurant called Alux, that's built into an underground cave.

Eating at the Japanese restaurant at the resort tonight, then it sounds like there may be another trip to Playa del Carmen tonight... who knows what could happen this time?
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mar 3rd 2009
Had loads of fun today on the catamaran cruise with the whole group. Drinking, snorkeling, watching listeners leap from the boat into the water, enjoying a couples' balloon-popping contest... loads of great stories.

Be sure to check out some of the photos from Day 4... and go to the videos page to check out video of the boat jumping and the balloon-popping winners!
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mar 1st 2009

Well, we all arrived yesterday without incident at the gorgeous Iberostar Tucan resort in the Riviera Maya in Mexico. The beach is incredible, the pool is huge, the drinks are flowing, and the weather is fantastic.

Looking forward to spending a little time on the beach this afternoon, then meeting up with all of the WAPL listeners that are along for the trip this evening during our welcome reception.

Tested all of our equipment yesterday afternoon, and everything ran smoothly. So we should be up and ready to go for our first broadcast on Monday morning with Rick and Len from 7-9am.
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