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oct 26th
Lou Brutus: Me and Bill Murray
Lou Brutus is a legendary rock DJ who hosts HardDriveXL every night on Razor 94.7. Bill Murray is Bill F***king Murray - if you don't know him, we should just stop talking right now.

Anyway, Lou and Bill met up one night in a chance encounter, and now Lou has written a song about it: "Me and Bill Murray." If you have your own "Random Act of Bill Murray" story, Lou encourages you to share it with the hashtag #MeAndBillMurray. Check out the video:

From the press release:

Nationally syndicated radio host LOU BRUTUS has released the epic musical story of his chance meeting with one of the planet's most elusive humans. It's entitled "ME AND BILL MURRAY."

The cut is available as of Friday October 23, 2015 from iTunes and the video can be seen on the LOU BRUTUS YouTube channel.This black and white video was done as one continuous shot with Brutus on camera using nothing but hand-lettered and illustrated cards to further the storytelling.

Of the song BRUTUS says, "Meeting Bill Murray is like seeing a UFO. If you tell people about what happened, they'll think you're a crackpot. Bill lets you know to expect that, so it's all good. I just want to tell the story. Whether or not listeners believe it happened to me or not is totally up to them. It just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter."
BRUTUS is encouraging the public to tell their own BILL MURRAY stories on social media using the hash tag #MeAndBillMurray. Lou explains, "By using social media to document Random Acts of Murray, we can bring more of these rare occurrences to light and improve mankind's future."