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Love Is In The Air
nov 12th 2010

Open those checkbooks, WAPL faithful! Here's your chance to own what seems to be a historic and influential album (according to the listed price) thanks to eBay! And if you're really that tempted to use the "Buy It Now" feature, hold off until you talk to me. I have a copy of this piece of WAPL history that I'll sell you. And a bridge.
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oct 29th 2010
I guess this explains why no one in the area races are running on a pro-environment platform.

Seriously? It's bad enough that there's three political ads every commercial break (TV and radio) not to mention all the Robo-Calls I get each week. Now you're dumping all your propaganda on me like leaflets during the Korean conflict. Do you think I don't know you all are running for office? By now people on the island nation of Togo know you're running for office.

I'm no tree-hugger but this pile of waste is ridiculous. I give two shits how crappy you think the other guy is and if I did care I'd watch it on your television commercial (I'm sure there's one on right now somewhere) because then when you start bashing your opponent I can switch channels. Here's a question. Instead of worrying about what the other guy's done, what have you done good that you should get my vote?

I guess it doesn't matter. I wish I could say I'm going to make it to the polls on Tuesday but now I'm not sure. Not because I'm fed up with political ads. I just don't think I'll be done shredding all these election mailings before then.
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oct 27th 2010
At least it appears that the weather will.

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oct 25th 2010
...or something to that effect. Enjoy Vanilla Thunder.

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oct 20th 2010
NASCAR fans... When Kevin Harvick hits the track for Budweiser next year this is what his car is going to look like.


Credit to
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oct 7th 2010

... is no more teeth.

And yes, you'll need to take out a home loan to buy this.
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