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Love Is In The Air
oct 29th
Is it November 2nd yet?
I guess this explains why no one in the area races are running on a pro-environment platform.

Seriously? It\'s bad enough that there\'s three political ads every commercial break (TV and radio) not to mention all the Robo-Calls I get each week. Now you\'re dumping all your propaganda on me like leaflets during the Korean conflict. Do you think I don\'t know you all are running for office? By now people on the island nation of Togo know you\'re running for office.

I\'m no tree-hugger but this pile of waste is ridiculous. I give two shits how crappy you think the other guy is and if I did care I\'d watch it on your television commercial (I\'m sure there\'s one on right now somewhere) because then when you start bashing your opponent I can switch channels. Here\'s a question. Instead of worrying about what the other guy\'s done, what have you done good that you should get my vote?

I guess it doesn\'t matter. I wish I could say I\'m going to make it to the polls on Tuesday but now I\'m not sure. Not because I\'m fed up with political ads. I just don\'t think I\'ll be done shredding all these election mailings before then.