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jan 18th
Workout Update
Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I had a nice chunk of time off to spend with the family and a bit a time to myself, so the best of both worlds for me! Well, mission accomplished, I didn\'t gain any weight over the holidays and I got to enjoy some holiday delights. Workouts at home are going pretty well, but time to get back to Anytime Fitness to get in some good cardio on the elliptical. I\'m down 20lbs. and can tell that some of my clothes are fitting differently, so I need to keep it up. What\'s nice about Anytime Fitness is that it is so easy to work into a schedule, because you can go and do your thing anytime you want! Plus, the facility is really nice, with new workout machines coming in to target different areas or offer a different kind of workout. It\'s also a really clean environment, so if you are worried about germs, etc. you don\'t have to. Everybody wipes down the machines with antibacterial wipes after they are finished, so it\'s ready for the next person. And I love that many of the cardio machines have their own tv, that really helps pass the time. Anyways, just wanted to check in with a quick update. Take care.