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dec 14th
How many calories can you burn shoveling snow?
So, I didn\'t make it to Anytime Fitness last week to work out, but boy am I sore from shoveling snow! I had to burn a good lot of calories heaving all of that heavy snow. And now more snow and shoveling today! Didn\'t gain any weight over Thanksgiving, which was the goal, so mission accomplished there...but now Xmas is on the way and oh so many yummies for my tummy! I\'ll definitely be in to Anytime Fitness this week to get back in the groove and keep a tight rein on the food intake. I\'ve lost over 10lbs. so far and I\'m hoping it\'ll continue slow and steady:) If I don\'t check back in before the holidays, I hope you have a happy holiday season with your families and friends:)