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oct 8th
"Back" on Track
A couple of vodka martinis and visits to my chiropractor and my back is on track to be back to 80%-90% by Monday:) I worked out earlier this week at Anytime Fitness, cardio only, on the elliptical and it went really well. No pain during the workout, but I had to be mindful of the positioning of my back, hips etc. to make sure I didn\'t re-injure it. I haven\'t been able to get back to doing the circuit routine yet and its making me a bit nervous, so I\'ve been lifting some free weights at home here and there and testing the waters with leg lifts, etc. to see how it feels for my back. I feel like I\'ve lost some weight, but I don\'t want to weigh or measure until a month in, so we\'ll see. My posture is getting better and I\'m more aware of it now, so when I am slouching I can correct it. Gotta get those core muscles in shape! The health eating is going pretty well, I\'m definitely eating better foods and watching portions, although last night I just had to have some popcorn with cheese powder and today I had a client meeting with free pizza! Those are my splurges for the week, so back to Anytime Fitness I go! Saw a woman working out at Anytime Fitness in a Rick and Len t-shirt earlier this week and it made me smile...