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feb 28th
D-Bag Of The Year Gets 15 Days
The biggest douche bag of the year,  Martin Tremblay, gets 15 days in the clink for assault.  If you haven't seen the video, you can watch below as the youth hockey coach deliberately trips a kid in the handshake line.  In my opinion, the biggest douche bags on the planet are coaches and parents who take child sports WAAAAYYYYY to seriously.  I don't have kids nor am I a hot-headed person by any means.  But, if by some mistake/miracle I ever have kids, you can bet I'll probably get arrested for decking a guy like Tremblay at some point during my kid's athletic career.  I realize I'm stooping to their level by doing so, but at least I'm taking it out on a deserving adult rather than a child.---Borna