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Listen to Elwood weekdays from Noon-3pm.

Every day at 12, Elwood hosts the Noon Lunch Whistle - a full hour of your requests. Let him know what you want to hear on the Rock Lines or by submitting your request using the link at the top of the page.

Use your brain while you rock during My Three Songs. Figure out the theme of the three songs Elwood plays at 2pm, and you'll win!

Don't forget the Liquid Lunch on Fridays - get a drink order with your song request. Plus, Elwood plays the Wedding Song at 12:40 on Friday, giving one last warning to couples before they walk the plank aisle. If you know someone celebrating a wedding or anniversary, submit their names here.


Sycamore, IL 

December 16th 

Other jobs I've had: 
Convenience store clerk, FedEx package handler 

Watching Movies 
Watching TV 

Dr. Pepper 
The Simpsons 

Favorite Movies: 
The Blues Brothers 
Animal House 
The Godfather 
The Godfather, Part II 
A Few Good Men 
The Exorcist

Favorite TV Shows: 
- The Wire - best show ever made. Pick it up on DVD. 
- The Shield - another of the best shows ever made - pick it up on DVD too.
- The Simpsons 
- Game of Thrones
- Dexter
- Homeland
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 
- Battlestar Galactica (the new one) 
- Doctor Who

Best concerts I've attended: 
- The Rolling Stones @ Soldier Field, Chicago - Voodoo Lounge Tour 1994 
- Paul McCartney at Wrigley Field in 2011
- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers with Pearl Jam @ Summerfest 
- Van Halen 

Death row meal: 
Mom's homemade tacos, Fliet Mignon - medium well, Grandma Harriet's potato salad, a slice of FU Cheesecake, a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and a case of Dr. Pepper.

People say that I look like: 
Louis C.K. 
My brother Jeff 

Cartoon character I'd most like to have sex with: 
Daphne from Scooby-Doo 

Favorite monkey: 
Mojo the Helper Monkey from The Simpsons 

If I could have any super power: 
I'd like to be able to stop or at least slow down time so I could get more done and still have time to be lazy and watch DVD's. 

"Don't you hate pants?" - Homer Simpson 
"Where's my burrito! Where's my burrito!" - Homer Simpson 

Where I'd rather be right now: 
On a beach. Or sleeping. Or sleeping on a beach.