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Billy Corgan takes dig at D'arcy Wretzky; addresses Smashing Pumpkins bass player rumors

posted : February, 6th by Music News From ABC News Radio - Classic Rock

Peter Still/RedfernsThe reunited Smashing Pumpkins lineup was seemingly confirmed this week by a leaked photo shoot, which showed original members Billy Corgan, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin, as well as latter-day Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder. However, it's still unclear who will be playing bass, as original bassist D'arcy Wretzky previously announced that she won't be a part of the reunion.

In a new Instagram post, Corgan addresses the bass player rumors, which have suggested that Schroeder or even Corgan himself could handle four-string duties, while also taking a dig at Wretzky's past contributions to the Pumpkins.

"According to some reports (based on photos taken or leaked) I am now a bassist," Corgan writes. "I mean, yes, I have played bass on many of your fave songs but I'm not sure I can play bass AND sing at the same time? But perhaps I can try *someday.*"

Responding to the Schroeder rumors, Corgan writes, "Though Jeff doesn't mind plucking at 4 strings if needed I know he would much prefer the dulcet tones of 6."

Then, he addresses the idea that Iha could handle bass duties, as he did on the 2000 Pumpkins albums Machina and Machina II. In doing so, Corgan writes that Iha "played a fair share" of bass on the Machina records "despite reports claiming a certain 'flaxen Saxxon' did," presumably referring to the blonde Wretzky. Corgan adds that those reports are "patently f-a-l-s-e."

So to recap: we don't know who will play bass in the still officially unconfirmed Smashing Pumpkins reunion, and Billy Corgan refers to D'arcy Wretzky as a "flaxen Saxxon." So do with that what you will.

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