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Rizzo Mancuso

Midwest, USA

You’re a whack-job if you’re desperate to know.

Why I got into radio:
Because radio needs me, so I can infiltrate your mind with common sense.

Other jobs I’ve had:
Was as a chef at a bowling alley
Stocked shelves at a home improvement center for a while

I enjoy playing the sport of Rugby during off hours. I also have other hobbies but I’m too tired to type, you don’t care anyways so whatever.

Playing pranks on people I despise.

Strange phobias:
Going under the knife, because if you’re being cut open by some dumb____, then you’re in deep ****.

Favorite Movies:
-Godfather I&II
-Paths of Glory
-The Dirty Harry trilogy
-Any Given Sunday
-Animal House
-Night of the Living Dead (1968)
-Billy Madison
-Caddyshack (the first movie)
-Also other movies that I don’t care to type

Favorite TV Shows:
-Nitro Circus
-Burn Notice
-The Shield
-Simpsons (Only seasons 1-10, the brilliant years)
-Married with Children
-WKRP in Cincinnati

Best concert(s) I’ve seen:
Too out of it to remember the concerts I’ve been to, you understand we’ve all been there. But to put an answer here, I did go to the last ever baseball game at the old famous Yankee Stadium, 9/21/2008. (Thank you Gov’t. rebate check for funding that trip)

Death Row meal:
Watch the end of the movie Vanishing Point, I’d rather go out that way then sit in a cell eating Cheetos waiting for the needle or chair…

People say that I look like:
Elwood once said I look like Francis "Psycho" Soyer from the movie Stripes. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

Cartoon character I’d most like to have sex with:
I live in reality not fantasyland.

Favorite monkey:
Any monkey that opens a can of whoopass on Dane Cook. Because watching him do stand up is like watching the Price Is Right with no Bob Barker. You just wonder if reality has done a 180° and you only now need to be a dumbass to be successful. If there’s a monkey that drops him like a bag of bricks, he’s my main monkey for sure.

Random radio memory:
Bashing N.Y. Yankee haters on sports-talk radio. You people are losers! (I love my Yankees!!)

If I could have any superpower:
Give me Superman’s x-ray vision

“Don’t be dumb, I hate a dumb guy”- Don Rickles
“Take a gander into the seat next to you if you want to see what your future looks like”-Al Bundy
“It’s time to drop some knowledge on my subjects”- comedian/friend Kevin Bozeman

What I’m listening to:
- Old school jazz/blues
- Eddie money/Metallica/The Doors/Steve Miller/and Ozzy among others
- Some Frank Sinatra (I appreciate greatness)

What I’m watching:
My back

What I’m reading:
“Casey Stengel: His Half-Century in Baseball”- by Frank Graham Jr.

Where I’d rather be right now:
Surfing in Hawaii enjoying the fresh air without a care. Definitely better than smelling dead skunks and cow/horse crap while driving on highway 41.

Rizzo Mancuso
Sundays - 12 am - 6 am
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