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feb 16th
Z's School of Hard Rocks - Lesson 4 - Ted Nugent (Fred Bear)
Boys, this week’s lesson from Z’s School of Hard Rocks is about a man who many radio listeners think is a fictitious character. But he was very real. Born March 5, 1902 in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and died April 27, 1988 in Gainesville, Florida.

     He didn’t start doing what he was best known for until he was 29 years old. But he got good at it – bowhunting that is. He went on to become a world traveler, film producer, founded an outdoor sports company and there is a museum in Grayling Michigan that bears his name.

     He really was Ted Nugent’s friend. They bow hunted together. And in song, Ted calls upon this man’s spirit when he says, “We’re not alone when we’re in the great outdoors. We got his spirit, we got his soul. He will guide our steps and our arrows home. I’m glad to have you at my side my friend and I’ll join you in the big hunt before too long.”

   That was Ted, singing about his friend Fred. Not a fictitious character, but someone who really existed -- Fred Bear.