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sep 30th

September 23rd City of Waukesha
Police were called to the library on a report of a man wearing a mask and telling people he wants to change their diaper. Police advised the man on his unusual behavior and told him that wearing masks in public will draw attention.

September 14th City of Menasha
Officers were dispatched to a tavern on Tayco Street for a report of someone taking money from a tip jar. The bartender said a man let himself behind the bar and started pouring drinks. When the bartender noticed, she told him he had to leave. A short time later, she noticed $10 missing from the tip jar. Police found the man and searched him, but didn’t find the $10.00.

September 21st City of Portage
Police received a report of a man illegally trying to enter a locked retail store. The man, who registered a blood-alcohol concentration of .328 percent, mistook the store for his home.

September 27th Village of Port Edwards
A man called police and reported "having bad thoughts" at a park. An officer gave the man a ride.

September 15th City of Brown Deer
A woman was arrested for disorderly conduct after making threats because she was unhappy with her take-out order from Applebee’s. The woman had ordered spinach dip and when she got home it was cold so she called the restaurant demanding a refund. When told she could get a new order but not a refund, she returned yelling and swearing threatening to cause damage. When asked to settle down, the woman replied, "I can do what I want."

September 21st City of Germantown
A resident of an apartment building called police to report he heard a group of elderly females in the community room discussing "what a drunk he is," and would like an officer to respond to stop the rumors before they escalated. The responding officer made contact with the caller and one of the females, and both were advised to stop interacting with each other.

September 22nd City of Waukesha
Police were called to unplug a curling iron. The caller said they left for the airport for a week-long trip and realized they forgot to unplug their curling iron and were hoping police could help. Police reported the curling iron was successfully unplugged.  

September 28th City of Nekoosa
A  resident reported all the mailbox flags were up on mailboxes on her block. As a result, the caller’s mother was afraid to open her mailbox.

September 27th Town of Saratoga
A caller reported seeing a man on a horse was chasing another horse. Deputies determined the man was trying catch a runaway horse. 

September 28th City of Nekoosa
A woman called police and reported her son had called about four hours before, saying he would be home in about 10 to 15 minutes but that he had not yet returned home. The woman later called back to say her son had been out milking cows with a friend. 

September 19th Town of Dexter
A woman called the sheriff’s department and reported receiving a "scary" scam call. The call came from New York. Deputies told the woman they would NOT be going to New York to knock on that person’s door and tell them to stop.

September 18th City of Menomonee Falls
The owner of Thomas Orthodontics called police to report an unknown subject had illegally left food scraps on his property at. The caller told police he was having ongoing issues with this problem since Aug. 20, 2012, and during the latest incident an entire crock pot with chicken soup remnants was left at the front door of his business. This was the fourth documented complaint of a similar nature since 2012.

September 29th Town of Hubbard
A woman called the sheriff’s department to report seeing what she believed to be an alligator running in a corn field.

September 24th City of Beaver Dam
A called notified police of seeing a man swearing and singing to himself and then went into a house. Police contacted the man and found everything was okay.

September 22nd  City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report the smell of charcoal and lighter fluid. A responding officer discovered that the smell was from her neighbors were barbecuing .

September 25th City of Manitowoc
Police arrested a 44-year-old man on Mirro Drive after two people called to complain that he was walking around outside naked, urinating in a fire pit and playing his music too loud. When officers arrived, they could see the man naked in his bedroom through an open window. He put on his shorts, came outside and denied being outside in the nude. He told police he had been drinking bourbon.

September 23rd City of Waukesha
Police were called about a suspicious person. The caller said the man was laying down next to their car with a plastic bag and a large butcher knife. Police found the man who had fake knives for Halloween and said he had just laid down next to the car because he wanted to rest. 

September 21st City of Portage
Police were called to the scene of a disturbance at the Spinning Wheels Skate Center roller rink. A 34-year old woman was ordered to appear in court on a charge of battery to a child after police said she intentionally stuck out her arm and clothes-lined a an 11-year-old boy causing him to fall and bite his lip.

September 23rd Town of Lebanon
A woman called the sheriff’s department to report a theft. She told a deputy someone stole green beans from her freezer.