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jan 17th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenie of the Week… Sheboygan Falls School District Administrator Jean Born who suspended two brother’s from the basketball team for their big game against rival Plymouth because when posing for a picture for the Sheboygan Falls News, one pointed with his index fingers while the other held up three fingers like so many NBA players do when they make a three-pointer. (see above)

Born suspended them because she and some parents think those were gang signs. The boys only posed that way after the Sheboygan Falls News photographer told them to act goofy. Responding to criticism that Born probably wouldn’t have taken the gestures for gang signs if the students were…I don’t know…white, Superintendent Born stated “This decision that was made here for these students has absolutely nothing, nothing to do with their race.”


For apparently not knowing a gang sign from a gangbang.

For being about as knowledgeable about gang signs as Stevie Wonder is about photography.

For claiming the suspensions had nothing to do with race which couldn’t have made me laugh more than if she had made the statement dressed in red fright wig and home of the Whopper undershorts.

And for not just being thankful that a “scandal” involving her students and a photo at least had nothing to do with Brett Favre’s penis.

We are proud to name Sheboygan Falls School Superintendent Jean Born as this week’s Rick and Len….Weenie of the Week!