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may 13th
Z's School of Hard Rocks - Lesson 11 - Pink FLoyd
Time now for this week’s lesson from Z’s School of Hard Rocks.
Today’s lesson features some little known tidbits about Pink Floyd. First, their name. Where did it come from? They were originally known as the “Tea Set”, until band member Syd Barrett came across a blues album that featured the names of two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.
     Pink Floyd played their first concert in 1971. On the bill with them, Buffy Sainte Marie and The 1910 Fruit Gum Company.
     It’s estimated that one in every twelve people in the world have a copy of “Dark Side of The Moon.”
    And finally, something we’ve all wondered, what’s with the telephone operator at the end of “Young Lust?” Well, ‘The Wall’ tells the story of Pink, a rock star away from home in search of wealth and fame and who has casual sex with groupies. He places a telephone call to his wife who is at their home in England and a man answers at which point Pink realizes his wife was cheating on him. Now, the album’s co-producer James Gutherie wanted realism in that phone call, so he placed a real call from Los Angeles to his neighbor in London. The operator was real but she didn’t know she was being recorded. And truth be told, the operator heard in the recording is the second operator they tried the routine with after the first operator’s reaction was deemed unsatisfactory.
And that class, is this week’s lesson from Z’s School of Hard Rocks.