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nov 4th
Workout Update
Got in a couple of good workouts on the elliptical last week at Anytime Fitness. Been able to increase resistance every 10 minutes and really get my heart going! Back is almost back to 100%, I\'ve got another chiropractor appointment on Friday. Going to Anytime Fitness today and tomorrow for more cardio. I feel like that\'s the best route right now, so I can take some weight off, so when I do weight training, my joints aren\'t taking on so much of my body weight. I still have to check in with Sara at Anytime Fitness to get weighed and measured, I guess I\'m ready to see where I\'m at and how to go forward. Kinda wanted to wait until my back was up to par to start the next level of workouts. I got into a pair of jeans yesterday that I haven\'t been able to wear for a couple of months, so that\'s cool. Food-wise, it\'s going pretty well. I\'m eating more realistically than I have when I dieted previously. This I think I could actually maintain, rather than take off a bunch of weight only to regain when I began eating normally for my lifestyle again. I don\'t feel like I can\'t eat certain things, but that I won\'t...or if I do, in moderation.