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oct 2nd
Workout Update
Interesting week...first I had a general physical, always recommended before starting a new workout/healty eating routine. Got some blood drawn, etc. shocker, my triglycerides are high, cholesterol is at borderline levels for both the good and bad cholesterol and my blood sugar is fine. Not any major worries there, so I go to Anytime Fitness to do my workout the next day, I do the circuit 3 times and some cardio... I notice that it feels like my joints are doing more work than my muscles are at this point, but again, I guess ya gotta start somewhere. So, I get up the next day, get my workout bag ready to go, bend over to grab my shoes off of the floor...and bam! my back goes out. It never seems to happen when I\'m doing anything strenuous or, it happens when I bend over to get something off the floor. Really? Come On! So, I\'ve pinched a nerve in my lower back and it kills to sit. I go to the chiropractor and he tells me that one of my hips is so twisted that it has lifted one of my legs an inch higher than the other. Good Doc reset it and I\'m off the workouts until at least Monday, after I see the chiropractor a couple more times. It\'s frustrating when I\'m trying to do the right thing getting healthy and all...and then this happens. In hindsight, I should have went to the chiropractor before I jumped on the workout wagon. Hopefully, by Monday, I\'ll be back at Anytime Fitness doing at least a cardio workout. I\'m worried about backsliding, but I have to focus on moving forward from this point. A couple vodka martinis over the weekend might help...low in calories, practically water, right? :)