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sep 17th
Back on the Workout Wagon
It\'s time...enough with the fast food, lack of movement and all around unhealthy choices. So, I\'m back in the gym and eating healthier. Lifestyle changes can be kinda scary and intimidating with all the "what ifs" that go through my head. What if I fail? What if I hurt myself? What if I make all these changes and I still don\'t feel better about myself? But you can\'t give in to those daily doubts, so I\'m working through them in sweat at Anytime Fitness. I really like the facility, it\'s has a much more personal feel than some of the really big gyms. Of course, I\'m wondering "are people looking at me, judging me, etc.? Believe me, no one judges me more than myself, always has been that way...but at Anytime Fitness, I didn\'t feel as self-conscious as I thought I would. Maggie and the staff was very inviting and positive and all about moving forward and getting healthy, no matter what my starting level is. Workout #1, I decided to do goal was 15-20 minutes on the elliptical...I did 40 minutes. O.K. not so bad, btw...the ellipticals at Anytime Fitness are awesome! Personal TV attached to each one, just tune in, plug in your headphones and go! Workout #2, I meet with Sara, one of Anytime Fitness\' personal trainers. She\'s a roller derby chick for the Fox City Foxes, which I think is awesome! Anytime Fitness Workout #2 details to come....